mBank z ważną nowością w aplikacji. Chodzi o BLIKA

Update the mBank application. An important news has arrived

mBank has added a new feature to its application awaited by BLIK users. Now you can easily change two important parameters there, allowing you to use your money with greater freedom.

mobile application mBank has gained an important novelty. It’s about being able to be independent changes in BLIK limits – the daily amount that can be spent in this way and the maximum number of BLIK transactions.

The ability to change limits in the mobile application is important for several reasons. It allows you, among other things, to conveniently adjust the limits to your needs, e.g. when you are making larger purchases. This gives you more flexibility in managing your finances. It can also increase the security of your transactions – you can limit losses when someone unauthorized gets access to your money.

– we read in a statement from mBank

How to change BLIK limits?

To change BLIK limits, simply log in to the mBank application and go to Settings (gear), then select BLIK Settings and BLIK Limits or Limits and BLIK. The next step is to tap the Change limits button and enter it daily amount limit ranging from PLN 0.00 to PLN 10,000.00 and daily number of transactions from 0 to 9999.

mBank application changing BLIK limits

BLIK limits can also be changed:

  • in the transaction service,
  • on chat,
  • during a conversation with an mLinia consultant.

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