up to 250 W in USB-C

Anker, the Chinese maker of tech accessories, has launched a new line of innovative products, GaNPrime, featuring GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. This series includes two new chargers offering 67W and 100W power, featuring a folding mechanism for the mains plug. Anker also announced a fixed charging station capable of delivering up to 250 W and external batteries offering a capacity of 27,000 mAh with a screen for monitoring the charge.

Anker is a household name for those interested in technology. This Chinese manufacturer, recognized for its quality technological accessories, is appreciated for its wide range of products ranging from chargers to video projectors (Nebula), headphones (Soundcore), speakers, cameras (Eufy) and external batteries. solar panels (Solix). Finally, Anker winks at Apple fans by offering MagSafe compatible accessories, practical for iPhone users.

Historically, Anker has built a solid reputation with high-quality charging accessories for mobile devices. These have stood out for their reliability, robustness and adaptability. And the brand didn’t stop there.

A wind of change is blowing across Anker’s product lines with the introduction of gallium nitride, more commonly known as GaN. This technology allows the design of more compact and more efficient chargers, like what Apple started using a few years ago. Anker has decided to adopt this technology again for its GaNPrime series.

Anker’s Prime range

With the GaNPrime chargers, Anker has taken another step in the evolution of its products. Two new chargers make their appearance, offering an impressive charging power of 67 and 100 watts respectively. But that’s not all. For the first time in line with EU standards, Anker has incorporated a folding mechanism for the mains plug, an ingenious trick to save space during transport.

Anker’s Prime range is not limited to chargers. A fixed charging station capable of delivering up to 250W of power is also part of the range. This addition demonstrates Anker’s ambition to accommodate a variety of devices, including those that require high charging power.

External batteries, meanwhile, have not been neglected. They offer a massive 27,000 mAh capacity, a display for easy charge tracking, and a 100W wireless charging station. These specs can charge a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets to the laptop PC.

The brand has yet to reveal pricing or availability for these products, but we can expect them to arrive at Amazon soon.

What is GaN?

Gallium nitride, also called GaN, is a semiconductor that can be used to produce chips for electronics, like silicon. GaN is a transparent crystalline material, used for 30 years in the production of LEDs. For phone and laptop chargers, the use of high-voltage GaN allows more power to be transferred with much higher efficiency than silicon, making them more suitable for this type of application.

Since more power can be transferred via GaN components, which can also be made more compact than their silicon counterparts, this means that one can reduce the number of components required for a charger (and therefore its overall size).

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