Symulator Boeing Politechnika Warszawska

Unusual equipment at the Warsaw University of Technology. You won't guess what it's for

All you need to do is become a student to sit at the controls of a Boeing 737. The Warsaw University of Technology has just acquired a model that will be used by future aviation engineers.

The new simulator is intended to help learn how to function aviation systems and building simulation tools. A laboratory with this equipment has just been opened at the Faculty of Energy and Aeronautical Engineering. This is the first such simulator at a Polish civilian university.

Not for flying

The new simulator is a faithful copy of the Boeing 737 MAX version, one of the most popular planes in the world. Interestingly, the main one However, the purpose of the simulator is not to practice flying at all.

We are not a flight school, so we do not teach our students how to fly planes or helicopters. However, we teach them how on-board systems in modern aircraft work

– explained Maciej Zasuwa, head of the simulator laboratory at the MEL faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology.

As he explained, thanks to simulators, lecturers can show students what all the devices placed in the cockpit look like in practice, the design and construction of which they learn every day. All levers look and work the same as in a real plane. Thanks to this on the simulator you can also practice all flight procedures

The investment cost was PLN 450,000. PLN and was financed by the Warsaw University of Technology and Boeing.

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