Unsurprisingly, Tesla’s Supercharger network is still considered the best

In a survey carried out in the United States among 15,000 electric car owners and for the third consecutive year, the network of Tesla Superchargers is seen as the most satisfactory of the fast charging networks. Let’s examine the reasons for this success.

Tesla owners know it well, and it is information that tends to be recognized by all: Tesla Superchargers are a force. Indeed, in addition to cars, the American manufacturer has created a significant and appreciated charging network, whose simplicity and reliability are well established.

Therefore, when JD Power conducts a survey of 15,000 Americans who own an electric car about charging networks, we find that of Tesla at the top of the podium.

10 years of Tesla Superchargers, and still no real rival

The reality is difficult to accept for other market players as it is edifying. In terms of satisfaction, the network of Tesla Superchargers is the only one with an above-average score.

The evaluation criteria are relatively exhaustive, with in order of importance:

  • Simplicity of charging;
  • Fast charging;
  • Physical condition of the charging station;
  • Availability of chargers;
  • Convenience of location;
  • Things to do while charging;
  • Security feeling ;
  • Ease of finding the charger;
  • Charging cost;
  • Easy to pay the charge.

This is the third year in a row that the fast charger survey has been conducted across the Atlantic, with results consistently in favor of Tesla.

If on the criteria mentioned above, some do better than Tesla in France and Europe (one can think in particular of the practical side of the locations, which are often off the highways), it is clear that none can beat them on the ten criteria systematically.

For Tesla owners, the integration into the navigation on the one hand and the fact that there is no need to enter payment information to start a charge on the other hand make Superchargers often considered as the holy grail of fast charging.

In Europe, where many Superchargers are open to all vehicles, we can still point out the difference in treatment between Tesla owners and others. It is more complicated to start a charge when you do not have a Tesla, since everything happens in the mobile application.

Fortunately, the new generation of Superchargers comes with an integrated payment terminal, to simplify the operation for third-party vehicles. The ball is then in the court of the competitors that are Ionity, Fastned, Electra or Totalenergies: reliability and ease of use must be improved to try to worry Tesla.

And once this is done, it will be necessary to further lower the cost of recharging to dethrone the firm of Elon Musk.

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