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According to a well-informed source, the PlayStation 5 Pro, known internally as Project Trinity, would be ready to hit the market in November 2024. Accentuating its performance with better frame rate, more improved ray tracing and support for 8K definition, the PS5 Pro would aim to offer a significantly improved gaming experience.

Rumours, speculations and growing expectations: there is often talk of a PlayStation 5 Slim, but also of a PlayStayion 5 Pro.

According to Key To Gaming, and more specifically Tom Hendersonthis new console would be preparing to emerge from the shadows for November 2024. This arrival on the market would therefore be marked by a longer delay than that observed between the PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro, Sony obviously taking its time to refine its latest creation.

Internally baptized Project Trinity, the PlayStation 5 Pro would already be in the test phase. Demonstration units have reportedly been built and are currently being tested to detect any defects and identify areas for improvement. On the developer side, they could get acquainted with the beast as early as November 2023, when they would receive the development kits.

Project Trinity: FPS, ray tracing and 8K

Like its big sister, the PS4 Pro, the focus is on increasing the power of the console for this new iteration. Improved FPS (frames per secondd, or the number of frames per second) would be defined as priority number 1which should provide more stable performance at 4K, as well asfaster ray tracing rendering.

According to Tom Henderson, the PS5 Pro would be well planned for a release in November 2024
– code name: Trinity
– 30 WGP (RDNA Workgroup, so 60 CUs, Radeon 7800 XT equivalent)
– 18,000 MT memory (GDDR6)
– better Ray Tracing
– “8K Performance mode” 🙄https://t.co/RAIJFBCkuz

— Cassim Ketfi (@NotCassim) July 21, 2023

Sony wouldn’t settle for half measures. The Japanese firm would consider integrating an 8K mode into its PS5 Pro, aspiring to push the limits of the current graphic definition on consoles.

However, the reality of 8K today is complex. Still very little present on the market, it is mainly represented by high-end televisions, often out of reach for the general public. Their energy needs, sometimes exceeding European standards, constitute another obstacle to their adoption.

Also, the visual difference between 4K and 8K is controversial. Some experts believe that most consumers, apart from image professionals and the most knowledgeable gamers, will find it difficult to discern a real difference between these two definitions. 8K is generally seen as a race for technology, rather than a practical advancement in user experience.

The article does not detail the technical characteristics of the PlayStation 5 Pro exhaustively, however, it does provide some interesting clues about potential improvements. It indicates, for example, that the memory of the PS5 Pro will work at a speed of 18,000 mega-transfers per second (MT/s)a significant increase over the 14,000 MT/s of the classic PS5.

In addition, the article mentions the presence of 30 processors, also called Work Group Processors (WGP). The latter are of crucial importance in the architecture of the console since they take part in the graphic processing and the realization of the calculations necessary for the good functioning of the games. Considering that each WGP is traditionally paired with two Compute Units, this could mean the PS5 Pro will have 60 Compute Units, a significant uptick from the 36 units found on the standard PS5.

These elements, while not giving the full picture of the PS5 Pro’s performance, suggest that Sony is aiming to deliver a console with significantly greater capabilities than its current model.

The PS5 Slim: where are you?

Another persistent rumor hangs over the web: the possible release of a PlayStation 5 Slim. However, the artistic vagueness remains. Current information indicates that the PS5 Pro would be the last big hit from Sony before the PlayStation 6. Which means that the PS5 Slim… would never be released.

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