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In an increasingly competitive market, robot vacuum cleaner manufacturers must innovate to stand out from the competition. This is what Ultenic is trying to do, of which we have already tested the T10, which is making a comeback with a new model of robot vacuum cleaner and floor mop with an innovative design, allowing it to integrate discreetly into your interior. It also offers a unique functionality for sterilizing the dust bag by UV rays, thus ensuring better daily hygiene.

However, the TS1 remains more expensive than some competitors, such as the Dreame D10 Plus. Let’s see what it brings on a daily basis and if its higher price is justified.

Ultenic TS1 Technical sheet

Model Ultenic TS1

42cm x 34.5cm x 39.8cm

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This test was carried out with an Ultenic TS1 provided by the brand.

Ultenic TS1 Design: a sober and discreet base

The TS1 surprises with its innovative design, much more discreet than most competitors. The base measures only 43 x 35 x 28 cm, which allows it to fit easily into the majority of interiors. The combination of black and gold accentuates the premium side of the product, while remaining sober and elegant.

The station incorporates a platform to accommodate the robot while avoiding wetting the floors, as well as a dust bag for automatic emptying, itself placed under an upper hatch. Ultenic has also integrated a UV sterilization feature to prevent bacteria from proliferating, thus ensuring more hygienic cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is quite classic, with its circular shape and its almost entirely black dress. Ultenic preferred to use sensitive buttons, allowing to maintain a flat top. Likewise, there is no LiDAR dome on the top, the brand having preferred the use of laser sensors on the edge. This approach allows it to slip easily under most furniture, giving it a significant edge over the competition.

The underside is also standard, with two skids, a nylon thread brush roll, and a side brush, all complemented by the traditional wheels and sensors. The pads are fixed on a module that serves as both a clean water and dust tank. This is easily detached and does not require turning or lifting the robot, which simplifies filling the tank.

The quality of finish is unfortunately not there, with fairly hard plastics and sometimes noticeable play. That’s a shame though, as Ultenic is generous, as usual, and provides two extra dust bags, as well as two mop pads, a HEPA filter and a spare side brush. Finally, a remote control is also provided, allowing you to control the robot even without an internet connection.

Ultenic TS1 A fairly complete application

Unlike many competing apps, Ultenic’s doesn’t require the robot to explore the surroundings and draw up a map before cleaning. For the rebot to familiarize itself with its environment, simply launch a cleaning cycle so that it identifies the rooms in your home and delimits them automatically. It is then possible to customize the map, merge, rename or split rooms, as well as create virtual walls and forbidden areas. Likewise, the application allows you to define specific cleaning settings per room, for example with stronger suction power in the entrance and a high water flow. The robot can also manage five cards simultaneously, which is quite practical if you live in a house with several floors, or even to take the robot to a second home, for example.

The Ultenic application is quite complete and allows to display in real time the status of the vacuum cleaner, namely its level of charge, its location on the map, the surface cleaned and the elapsed time. It does not, however, indicate the obstacles it encounters on the map, unlike what Roborock and Dreame do, for example.

In a more classic way, the settings also allow you to schedule regular cleanings and adjust the automatic emptying frequency, as well as to share the robot with the rest of the members of your household. However, it is not possible to define instructions to be observed in the presence of carpets. It is therefore necessary to create forbidden zones around them in order to prevent them from getting wet by the floor cloth of the TS1.

Ultenic TS1 Decent performance, but low battery life

The Ultenic TS1 has a suction power of 3000 Pa, which is the same as the T10. Although it is sufficient for many households, it should be noted that the competition does better, in particular the Dreame D10 Plus with its 4,000 Pa, yet sold 100 euros less. In practice, the results are satisfactory and the dirt is well picked up, especially on hard floors. The nylon thread brush is responsible for dislodging hard-to-reach dust, especially in tile joints, but also on carpets. However, we will note some imperfections during cleaning along the walls and in the corners, with a little dirt remaining in places.

The TS1 also has two rotating pads, allowing better cleaning of the floors compared to a conventional mop. They are often reserved for more expensive products and it is nice to find them on a more accessible product. However, cleaning is quite basic, as the water tank is relatively small, despite the very low water flow. The floors are thus slightly moistened and dry stains are not removed. That said, the cleaning is enough for a daily visit, as long as we keep in mind that the robot does not replace a traditional cleaning session.

In operation, the robot produces around 65 dB, with little variation depending on the cleaning mode used. It is audible, without being particularly annoying. The emptying is quite noisy, although it only lasts a few seconds.

Regarding navigation, the TS1 can move from one room to another independently, but its obstacle detection is ineffective. He systematically bumps into furniture legs and walls before turning around and struggles to identify objects on the floor, whether they are obstacles or even shoes, toys and cables left on the floor. As you will have understood, it is best not to leave anything lying around before a cleaning session, otherwise it will interfere with the robot.

Likewise, the TS1 seems to struggle to move around and often finds itself spinning or acting strangely when cleaning, as if lost. He also takes time to move: it took him 44 minutes to clean only 30 m². Despite these flaws, he still manages to return to his base without human intervention, but the navigation is not at the level of that offered by Roborock and Dreame, for example.

Let’s finish with autonomy, which is disappointing. One battery lasts about 55 minutes in use”normal”, i.e. not using the quietest suction mode and with the mop mode activated. This barely allows you to clean 35 to 40 m², or a small apartment, without being sufficient for a larger area or even a house. However, the robot can return to charge before resuming work, but this can be annoying if you prefer to clean your home in one go.

Ultenic TS1 Tedious maintenance

The TS1 is not a fully autonomous robot mop like the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. Although it has a self-draining station, it is unable to automatically wash and dry its mops. If it is only used for vacuuming, it knows how to manage on its own and therefore it is sufficient to replace the dust bag every three months. The station also uses UV sterilization to prevent bacteria from proliferating, even if this feature remains quite gadget.

On the other hand, in washing mode, it requires a lot of human intervention, whether before or after the cleaning cycle. You have to remember to fill the water tank, but also to moisten the pads so that they clean the floors properly. At the end of the cycle, they must be removed and cleaned, to prevent them from developing bacteria and bad smells. Likewise, the base does not have a hot air mopping drying feature and you will therefore have to think about removing them.

As for the maintenance of the robot and the base, this is easy and not very time-consuming, since it suffices to wipe the reception platform of the station with a damp cloth to remove the dirt. As for the robot, choosing a brush with nylon threads complicates cleaning, since this type of roller tends to get dirty more easily than a silicone brush. Worse still, the long hairs very easily wrap around and are difficult to pull out, as you can see in the photo below.

The TS1 is therefore to be avoided if a member of your household (canine, feline or even human) loses hair or hair. Similarly, if you prefer more autonomy, a model like the Dreame L10 Ultra, certainly more expensive, knows how to manage on its own to wash and dry its mops and requires less human intervention.

Ultenic TS1 Price and availability

The Ultenic TS1 is available on Amazon for around 500 euros. You can also benefit from a 60 euro discount thanks to our exclusive promo code TS1FRANDROID, to be entered at the time of payment, lowering the effective price to 440 euros. This code is valid until July 10, 2023 and only on product sold by Ultenic Europe.

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