Ubisoft pokazał jak będą wyglądać gry przyszłości

Ubisoft showed what the games of the future will look like

NEO NPC is a new solution from Ubisoft that may soon revolutionize the video game market. Thanks to AI, non-player characters will become much more real.

During an event taking place in the USA GDC 2024 various novelties from the world of games are presented. We are talking about new titles and add-ons, but also issues related to gamedev.

NPCs will naturally react to the player’s actions

He prepared one of the most interesting presentations Ubisoftand we’re talking about NEO NPCs. It is a prototype of non-player characters in games, powered by generative artificial intelligence. This solution was created in cooperation with companies Inoworld AI and NVIDIA. The Greens lent their Audio2Face technology here.

Ubisoft presented the capabilities of NEO NPCs in three scenarios. Each demo focused on different aspects of NPC behavior, environmental and contextual awareness, a spectrum of real-time reactions and animations, as well as conversation memory, cooperation skills and strategic decision-making. These experiments push the existing boundaries in game design and immersion.

Ubisoft showed what the games of the future will look like

What does it mean? Characters in games can react to the world around them and the decisions made by the player. This affects the way and content of their speech. However, NPCs are not randomly generated – they have a character previously written by humans, as well as their own history and goals.

Ubisoft showed what the games of the future will look like

Unfortunately, for now it’s just a prototypenot a fully completed solution. So there is no way to test the NEO NPC yourself. However, considering who is behind it, it should be assumed that it will be included in a series of games such as Assassin’s Creed in the not too distant future.

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