Uber Eats also wants its AI, to make you order even faster

Data scattered in the code of the Uber Eats app suggests that the service is developing a new AI-based feature. The goal? Help you find your happiness faster among the dishes and restaurants on offer.

Are you ready to chat with a chatbot on Uber Eats? In any case, this is what the platform would like to push you to do. We learn from Bloomberg, that the meal delivery app would work on a generative AI-based chatbot. The idea? You to offer recommendations, or even advise you directly, to place orders more quickly.

This project, whose existence is known through data contained in the code of the Uber Eats application, is in any case part of an AI race observed on the most popular applications. For the moment, however, Uber has not yet confirmed that it wants to add AI to its delivery service. It is therefore not excluded that the integration of a chatbot in Uber Eats will finally be abandoned… even if the thing seems very well on the way to materializing.

Uber Eats wants you to order faster…

As reported Bloombergthe code of the Uber Eats application contains in particular a rather evocative formula about this chatbot project, indicating that this ” AI assistant was designed to help you find relevant restaurant dishes and more “. We also learn that this assistant would be able to ask users for their budget and preferences to suggest restaurants.

For her part, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, had indicated on American television a few weeks ago that her group was working well on an AI-driven chatbot. At the time, the person concerned did not specify which Uber service could benefit from it and did not expand on the capabilities of this chatbot or its integration. The leader of Uber had nevertheless specified that his group was already using AI to connect users with drivers and couriers on the Uber application.

Note that adding a chatbot would make sense for the Uber Eats application, which alone accounts for a third of the revenue generated by Uber. In the United States, the platform must in particular do with a competition which is also preparing its weapons in this area. Its rivals DoorDash and Instacart are indeed both working on similar AI technologies (based in particular on ChatGPT for that of Instacart) in order to boost orders on their respective platforms.

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