Two hits will be available in GeForce NOW on the day of their premiere

Two hits will be available in GeForce NOW on the day of their premiere

Two new games that gamers have been looking forward to for a long time are joining the GeForce NOW subscription. Thanks to this, they will be able to enjoy the game in high quality.

GeForce NOW is popular among gamers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a powerful computer to enjoy the latest titles at high graphics settings. It is constantly being improved and new features and, of course, games are being added. It so happens that the premiere of one of the biggest hits of this year is approaching and it will be available immediately GeForce NOW subscription.

Dragon’s Dogma II and Alone in the Dark on GeForce NOW

Players can play from yesterday a new version of Alone in the Dark, series started in 1992. In the game, players can choose between two characters to experience the story from the perspective of Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby. In order to bring these two characters to life, the creators collaborated with famous actors: Jodie Comer (Eve’s Obsession, Free Guy) and David Harbor (Stranger Things, Black Widow).

The game will premiere on March 22 Dragon’s Dogma II. The first part was released a decade ago, so fans have been waiting for the sequel for an exceptionally long time. Players have great hopes for this premiere, and the manufacturer has released a separate character creator before the premiere, so that players can prepare their character in advance.

Both games will be available on the service’s launch day GeForce NOW.

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