Twitch ma dosyć. Wprowadza nowe zakazy

Twitch has had enough. Introduces new prohibitions

Twitch has declared another war on streamers who cleverly bypass the platform's regulations. Certain things will no longer be allowed on streams.

Twitch hasn't had the best moment in its history lately. A few months ago, the platform introduced new, less stringent regulations regarding content aimed at adults. This quickly turned out to be a shot in the foot and Twitch had to withdraw some of the provisions. Now the streaming service is introducing further restrictions.

Twitch introduces new bans

Twitch has decided that from March 29, broadcasts that focus on intimate body parts for an extended period of time will no longer be allowed. This is a response to the recent actions of many streamers who wanted to be clever and, for example, broadcast the game on their four letters or cut out everything with a green screen, except the face and breasts.

We want to make sure our policies work as intended and keep up with new behaviors. We update our policies as necessary to capture these changes in behavior and to ensure the community knows what is allowed.

– Twitch stated.

Twitch tries to combat content that is clearly aimed at an adult audience, but their efforts are unsuccessful. It's a bit like fighting windmills. The platform's community has long criticized Twitch for banning streamers for accidental and stupid mistakes that are sometimes not even their fault, while allowing them to stream, e.g. in a bikini.

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