Twisto wprowadza nową usługę. Łatwiej będzie opłacać rachunki

Twisto introduces a new service. It will be easier to pay your bills

Twisto has introduced a new service for its customers called Fast Bank Transfer. Thanks to this new feature, you can pay bills directly from your bank account, bypassing the payment card system.

Fast Bank Transfer is a new solution that customers can use Twistoprepared in cooperation with a Lithuanian company Kevin. Thanks to it, people using Twisto services (deferred payments) can make payments to this website directly from your bank accountsapart from card systems.

Kevin provides us with a solution that allows customers to initiate a bank transfer payment directly from the Twisto app. So, when customers want to pay for their Twisto orders, they select the fast bank transfer option, confirm it in their banking app and the money is transferred immediately.

– said Pavel Prucek from the Twisto product team

A new form of payment has been implemented in Poland and the Czech Republic. Most Twisto customers can use this fast and safe method, which is due to, among other things, the high availability of open banking in both markets. Direct bank payments reduce costs related to card payments and ensure greater reliability.

We are pleased to offer Twisto customers a fast, secure and efficient payment method. Thanks to the successful implementation in the Baltic countries and now in the Czech Republic and Poland, we see great potential to further develop and expand our payment platform, thus building an infrastructure of various payment methods for everyone.

– said Pavel Sokolovas, co-founder of Kevin

According to Twisto, they have already used the new payment method thousands of customers in the Czech Republic and Poland.

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