Abonament RTV do likwidacji. Nowej opłaty już nie unikniesz

TV license fee to be canceled. You will no longer be able to avoid the new fee

The radio and television license fee can be canceled completely. If so, it will be replaced by another fee that cannot be avoided.

Everyone who has a TV or radio should pay a radio and television license fee. It doesn’t matter whether we watch TVP channels or not. According to the regulations, the mere possibility of doing so is enough to trigger the need to pay a fee. However, the vast majority of Poles do not do this. That’s why there are proposals for changes.

Audiovisual premium instead of RTV subscription

According to data from last year, approximately 2.4 million Poles should pay a radio and television license fee. In fact, only just over 820,000 do so, showing how ineffective such a fee is. The problem has existed for many years, but Tadeusz Kowalski from the National Broadcasting Council has an idea how to solve it.

Kowalski was a guest of the Newsroom program in Wirtualna Polska. In it, he announced that the radio and television license fee would probably be abolished. It is not known when this would happen, but it is unlikely to happen this year. However, there was a specific idea of ​​what could appear in its place. This is an audiovisual contribution that cannot be avoided.

Various options are being considered. One of them is the audiovisual contribution, i.e. a common fee that would be collected from all PIT, CIT or KRUS payers.

– announced Tadeusz Kowalski.

He also revealed how much such a fee would be. According to current estimates, it could be about PLN 8.34 per month, or approximately PLN 100 per year. The fee would be collected automatically from all payers, so it would be extremely difficult to avoid it.

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