Dramat na prawej stronie. Donald Tusk ma telewizor

Tusk’s TV divided Poles. At least we know what model it is

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister spent over PLN 16,000 on a large TV. The media was in a frenzy.

The whole situation started when, on December 16, 2023, the new Prime Minister Donald Tusk shared a video of unpacking in his office on social media. Viewers quickly noticed that there was a large TV in the background that wasn’t there before.

Donald Tusk put a TV in his office

An investigation by the Salon24.pl portal showed that Chancellery of the Prime Minister in January she purchased a new TV Sony XR77A80LAEP 4K OLED with a diagonal of 77 inches. PLN 16,499 was allocated for this purpose. However, the dates do not match here, because the recording was made available in December, and the purchase was made in 2024.

Indeed, data provided by the Government Information Center shows that the purchased TV is not the same one we could see in the recording. The new acquisition is included in one of the office’s meeting rooms. So what’s going on with the TV in Donald Tusk’s office?

It was placed at the Prime Minister’s disposaly TV purchased in July 2023 year by the previous head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Marek Kuchciński. It is a Samsung UE75CU7192 LED 4K Tizen with a diagonal of 75 inches.

However, this did not stop PiS politicians from making jokes. Piotr Müller, former spokesman for the Law and Justice government, commented in an interview with Salon24.pl that old customs are coming back and a TV is needed to watch matches.

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