Podróże bez obaw dzięki AI. To będzie hit tych wakacji

Travel without worries thanks to AI. This will be the hit of this holiday

Do you want to go on your dream vacation? Don’t leave everything to the last minute, but start planning now. The intelligent Galaxy AI features available in the latest Samsung smartphones will help you with this. They will also be useful when traveling.

They are available in stores all over the world, including in Poland flagship smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Some of the most important new features in these devices are: AI-powered Galaxy AI features. These will come in handy in many different situations you may encounter, including to plan your dream vacation. Smart functions will also be useful during the journey itself, providing assistance whenever you need it.

Select an object, look for information

Where to start planning your dream vacation? Me first I chose the placewhere I want to go. My choice fell on The Land of the Cherry Blossomthat is, distant Japan. If you don’t quite know which way to go, you can take help from Samsung’s latest smartphone with a smart function Circle to Search (Circle to search).

Perhaps you have seen in a photo found on the Internet or received from friends a place that you would like to visit, but you do not know where it is. With Circle to Search, all you need to do is you circle one of the objects in the graphic – a building, monument or characteristic mountain to receive additional information about it, including its location.

Galaxy AI circle to search

Since I knew I wanted to go to Japan, I could choose photos taken in that country. The same smart search by highlighting feature allowed me to get to know the objects in the photos better and decide whether I want to visit them. At the same time, I could find out the exact location of the selected object and, thanks to Google Maps, plan the best route and how to get to your destination.

The Circle to Search function will be useful not only when planning your vacation, but also – and perhaps especially – when you find yourself in the selected area. There, you may see something – a building, a monument, a painting or anything else – that intrigues you. Want to learn more about this property? Take a photo and circle what interests you. And it’s done.

In the same way, you can circle words in the text, a artificial intelligence will provide you with a translation or explanation of their meaning. In Japan, this will be especially useful when I want to order food using a vending machine with Japanese subtitles.

Translate live conversation

It may happen that – like me – you plan to spend your holidays in a country where you don’t know the language well enough or at all. Then what? Another function will come to your aid, Live Translate (Live translation). You can use it, for example, by calling the hotel where you are staying or the restaurant where you want to book a table for the evening. During a conversation each participant will receive a translation in his/her language – you can choose from several languages, including: also Polish and Japanesewhich I will use soon.

Galaxy AI translation

A transcription is also prepared and saved on the phone. You’ll see it when you switch to speakerphone mode. You will then also be able to track it. This function also suggests how to perform selected actions that appeared or were discussed during the conversationfor example, taking you to the calendar to save important dates.

Chat Assist (Chat Assistant) will in turn help you with understanding chats from the most popular messengers. Additionally, you can set the language yourself, and if you do not do this, the system will select the one that is set as default. Moreover, the intelligent function itself will suggest you the right answersdepending on whether it is formal or informal correspondence or perhaps an exchange of messages on social media.

Galaxy AI Chat Assistant

What about face-to-face conversations? The smart translator in Galaxy S24 will help you with this too. You can say a sentence in Polish and the AI ​​function will translate it into the selected foreign language, saying the line using a speech synthesizer and displaying the text on the screen. This will also work the other way around – from a foreign language to Polish. In this way you will talk to someone who does not speak the language you knowand while on vacation you will find out where to find a bus stop, a restaurant or… a toilet.

Save, translate and summarize

While you’re on vacation, you may visit some place you’ll be visiting visit with a guide speaking the local language. If you don’t quite understand what he’s saying or there’s too much to remember, use the voice recorder function Transcript Assist (Transcription Assistant). It will save the guide’s statements as text and translate it into the language of your choice. Moreover, artificial intelligence can prepare summary with the most important information. This option will, of course, be useful not only during holidays, but also during a business meeting or lecture.

Galaxy AI summary

But let’s get back to planning your vacation. Once you have chosen the places you want to visit, you can reach out to the vastness of the Internet to find information about them. Sometimes these will be long articles that will not be easy to get through, even if they are written in Polish. Then what? Take advantage of the features Browsing Assist (Browsing Assistant), which can be found in the Galaxy S24 series smartphone. She can summarize the article and list the most important information in bullet points. And if it is a website in a foreign language, its content will be translated, so you will receive a summary in Polish.

Take a photo and have fun editing

What would a holiday be without photos? The Galaxy S24 series smartphones are excellent quality main camera, telephoto lenses providing optical zoom, high resolutions and advanced technologies, such as multi-frame processing, optical stabilization or object recognition thanks to AI. They enable a greater range of zooms in “lossless optical quality”, helping you capture images and content in virtually any conditions, whether you’re creating portraits or “zooming” to capture fine details.

Samsung Galaxy S24 shooting

On the Galaxy S24 Ultra you can use Nightography on Zoom. 1.6x larger pixels than the Galaxy S23 Ultra will provide you with brighter and clearer separation of the person from the background, thus taking night portrait photography to an even higher level.

And once you take the photo, you can play around with editing itto achieve an even better result. The photo editor in Galaxy S24 has gained an intelligent AI function Edit Suggestion (Photo Editing Assistant) which will fill the background after changing the angle of the photo, for example when you want to even out the horizon line. You can also move the selected object in the photo, and artificial intelligence will make sure that there is no empty space left behind. You can also use suggestions for photoswhere you’ll find, for example, an AI-powered eraser to remove reflections or shadows.

Galaxy AI photo editing

Finally, you can reach for the function “Stories” in the Gallery app. It allows you to create dynamic presentations from photos and videos saved on your device. In this way, you will create interactive holiday stories, adding a soundtrack and additional photos and videos to them, and they will help you with everything AI algorithms. You will be able to share the finished stories on social media or send them to your loved ones or friends. It will also be a nice way to remember how much fun you had on your vacation and beyond.

Take Galaxy AI on vacation

Recently, artificial intelligence has been talked about and written about almost everywhere. It has become helpful in many everyday activities and is revolutionizing various spheres of life, including the broadly understood electronics industry. She couldn’t be missed either in the latest Galaxy S24 series smartphones, which will make your life easier when talking, taking notes or taking photos. You no longer have to worry about not knowing the language of your interlocutor or not knowing what object is in front of your eyes. And thanks to Galaxy AI, a seemingly unsuccessful photo will become worth remembering and including in stories summarizing your holiday trip.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series

Advertising article commissioned by Samsung

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