Toksyczne metale u nastolatków po e-papierosach

Toxic metals in the bodies of teenagers. E-cigarettes to blame?

Teenagers using e-cigarettes have disturbingly high levels of uranium and lead in their urine. A team of scientists from the University of Nebraska showed that the more often young people used stimulants, the more toxic metals they had.

Up to 30% more lead and 50% more uranium teenagers aged 13 to 17 who regularly used e-cigarettes had urine in their urine at least eight times a day. The comparison group were their friends who also vaped, i.e. used these devices, but occasionally. However, those who had it the worst had it they chose the sweet taste of “spring onions”.

Sweet uranium

This version of e-cigarettes demonstrated particularly high concentrations of uranium biomarkers compared to menthol and mint versions. Unfortunately, the study lacked a control group that would not use these devices at all, which is why, among other things, scientists believe that further measurements are necessary. However, the obtained results can be related to other analyzes of the composition of e-cigarette aerosol samples and body fluids of vapers previously performed. In both cases it was also detected signs of toxic metals. Sometimes blood and urine samples could even compete with those taken from regular smokers.

The authors of the study, quoted by, warn that the increased uranium biomarkers found in the sweet flavor category are particularly concerning, because these versions of e-cigarettes can be extremely popular among young people. Additionally, instead of helping people quit traditional cigarettes, the devices increase the number of young people using nicotine.

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