Czas na zakupy. Dyski SSD drastycznie podrożeją

Time for shopping. SSD drives will become more expensive

If you are planning to buy an SSD drive, you better hurry up. Prices will go up dramatically this year.

Last year, SSD prices reached record lows. Media with a capacity of up to 4 TB could be purchased at very low prices. Unfortunately, it's over now. Recent months have seen increasing increases, and producers have not said the last word yet.

SSD prices

The TrendForce analytical company predicts that SSD prices will increase by up to 25 percent this year. There may be little consolation in the fact that such a large increase applies to business models. That doesn't mean consumer designs won't be more expensive, too. In their case, we can expect increases of 10-15%.

This does not mean that the price increases will end there. TrendForce predicts that as much as 40% increases will be necessary to achieve optimal prices from the producers' perspective, but these will take place later. SSD drives will become more expensive systematically, quarter by quarter.

Where does this trend come from? Recently, the demand for semiconductor media has been very low. At the same time, manufacturers did not limit production, so many copies simply began to remain in warehouses. To get rid of them, it was necessary to reduce prices. Now not only is demand improving, but producers have started to reduce production, so the market is no longer oversaturated and prices will begin to return to “normal”.

If you are planning to buy an SSD drive, the best time to do so was a few months ago. However, there is no point in waiting. Although the carriers are not the cheapest now, they will not be cheaper, so there is no point in waiting.

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