Tidal szykuje zmiany. Będzie taniej, ale z „haczykiem”

Tidal is preparing changes. It will be cheaper, but with a catch

Tidal is preparing changes to its subscriptions. The free version of the service will disappear, and the two paid subscriptions will be combined into one with a lower price. The changes will take effect next month.

Tidal is preparing changes that will disrupt subscriptions on this platform. They will take effect from April 10, 2024.

One subscription instead of two

Currently, Tidal users can choose from two paid subscriptions: HiFi and HiFi Plus. In April this will change and the platform will offer one subscription called Tidal. As part of the subscription, which will cost the same as we now pay for the Tidal HiFi package, i.e PLN 21.99 per monthwe will get access to over 110 million songs in lossless quality, including HiRes FLAC and Dolby Atmos.

It will be maintained after the changes discount for studentswho pay for access to the platform PLN 9.99 per month. You will also be able to use family plan (maximum 6 people) included in the price PLN 34.99 per month. Features to access the Tidal catalog on DJ hardware and software will be available for an additional monthly fee.

So who will it be cheaper for if prices stay the same? For option subscribers Tidal HiFi Pluswhich now costs money PLN 39.99 per month in an individual version, PLN 19.99 for students and PLN 59.99 in the family version.

There is one catch

Okay, so where’s the catch? April 10, 2024 the free Tidal service will disappear. Users who use it will have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

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