Wyrzuć kamerkę internetową. Jest lepsza opcja

Throw away your webcam. There is a better option

You can throw away the weak webcam you’ve been using. Microsoft has prepared a better alternative to Windows.

In recent years, the webcam market has experienced a real renaissance. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to work remotely. In this way, the camera became practically mandatory. Thanks to this, many interesting models have appeared on the market, which offer not only 1080p resolution, but increasingly also 4K. Now they won’t be needed anymore, because Microsoft has prepared something better.

Smartphone as a webcam

Microsoft wants all Windows 11 users to be able to use their smartphones as webcams. The new feature is not fully ready yet, but testing is already underway in Insider versions of the operating system, so it should also be included in the stable software release soon.

We’re gradually rolling out the ability to use your Android phone or tablet’s camera in any video app on your Windows 11 PC (in test channels). With this feature, you will be able to wirelessly enjoy the high quality of your mobile device’s camera on your computer. Some of the features include the ability to switch between the front and rear cameras, pausing the stream during breaks, and using the effects provided by the mobile phone model.

– Microsoft informs on its blog.

This is important because today smartphones often have incomparably higher camera quality than what webcams offer. Thanks to this, it will be possible to offer a better image not only while working, but also in conversations with friends and family. The new function may also be an interesting alternative for streamers who have not yet invested in mirrorless or SLR cameras.

Requirements include a device with Android 9 or newer. You will also need to install the Link to Windows application, which connects your phone to your computer. You will also need Bluetooth. In my opinion, the option to use this solution wired would also be useful.

Of course, the ability to use a smartphone as a webcam on a computer is nothing new. It was possible to do this before, but it required installing dedicated software. Microsoft wants to make it much easier.

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