Nieznany list z Legnicy oznacza kłopoty

Thousands of Poles receive letters from Legnica. They can mean trouble

An unknown parcel from Legnica may mean big problems for its recipient. From now on, executions and calls to regulate irregularities will come from there.

Changes in the operation of ZUS

Striving to be more effective enforcing incorrectly collected pensions, annuities or benefits a project was created to amend the regulation of the Minister of Finance, under which not 43 ZUS branch directors, but one ZUS branch in Legnica was assigned to the whole of Poland. Such specialization is intended to increase both the effectiveness and speed of recovering unduly collected funds, we read in Rzeczpospolita.

After the change in regulations, the director of the Legnica branch of ZUS will be responsible for the nationwide enforcement of monetary receivables for incorrectly collected benefits (e.g. sickness benefits) and other benefits, including 800 plus and pensions. Both current cases will be taken over and new proceedings will be conducted – due to long deadlines, there are approximately 70,000 cases “up for grabs”. make it happen.

For ongoing cases, an additional letter

Currently ongoing cases will be held during the transfer of files to Legnica duly notified. Directors of ZUS branches will have to send information to interested parties on the change of enforcement authority and a new payment account – the Legnica branch of ZUS.

If you are one of these people and you hope that your case will get lost in the Legnica mess, it won't happen. The new duties of ZUS in Legnica mean, in practice, the employment of new people in the branch to make the system fully operational.

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