Tysiące Polaków mają taki w domach. Igrają z ogniem

Thousands of Poles have one at home. They are playing with fire

European intelligence warns against Chinese technology. Even automatic vacuum cleaners produced in the Middle Kingdom may pose a threat to our safety.

Estonian intelligence (Välisluureamet/VLA) published a report which shows that China uses data from mobile applications and devices produced there to collect intelligence data. Even robotic vacuum cleaners with a LiDAR environmental scanning system may pose a threat.

China tracks users

According to Estonian intelligence, China has adopted a tactic of increasing its political influence. The goal is, among other things, to reach a point where integrated technological solutions from the Middle Kingdom will be impossible to replace by Western technology. Beijing wants to achieve this, among other things, through interconnection of equipment and incompatibility with other solutions.

The development and global spread of Chinese technology is not solely the result of the diligence and entrepreneurship of Chinese talent; This is part of China’s strategic efforts to increase its political influence along with exporting its standards. China is striving to reach a point where integrated technology solutions cannot be replaced by Western technology due to both incompatibility and deep interconnectedness.

– we read in the Estonian intelligence report.

Vacuum cleaners with the LiDAR system, which scans the surroundings, are said to be dangerous. According to the Estonians, the data obtained from them can be used for intelligence purposes. The situation will be similar with autonomous cars that use similar solutions.

We have reliable information about a Chinese manufacturer working on LiDAR systems for autonomous cars, which are designed to scan the entire surroundings of the car and transmit information to a database in China. While a data collection device for autonomous operation should remove any irrelevant data, this Chinese company aims to transfer complete environmental data to a Chinese database. This raises concerns that China’s autonomous cars using the technology could be vulnerable to use for intelligence purposes.

– write Estonians.

The interview also indicated that the TikTok application, which collects very detailed information about its users, is a major security threat. The social media has, among other things, data about devices, other applications, location, WiFi connection and our contacts. Thanks to such profiling, it can be used in the future to create perfect artificial intelligence. Therefore, Estonia calls for systematic abandonment of Chinese technological solutions.

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