This YouTuber assembles the thinnest foldable smartphone in the world

While the Honor Magic V2 should arrive soon in Europe, a videographer was able to receive it… in spare parts. In a collaboration with the brand, he was able to assemble it himself, having a functional result. The goal: to show the solidity and simplicity of design of this foldable smartphone.

At the beginning of September, the IFA, a major exhibition dedicated to new technologies, will take place in Berlin. Honor should logically present its next foldable smartphone, the Honor Magic V2. Presented in China a few weeks ago, it could make its arrival on the European market. In the meantime, the brand is working hard on its communication, in order to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, released two weeks ago.

This youtuber received his Honor Magic V2 in spare parts

In a video sponsored by the brand, videographer JerryRigEverything flipped the concept of his videos. Accustomed to destroying smartphones to test their solidity, this time he assembled a mobile phone, a foldable one at that.

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Enough to highlight the manufacturing quality of the device, in particular its hinge, composed of only a few parts. What also talk about the thinness of the phone, which is 9.9 mm in the folded position, against 13.4 at Samsung.

Will the hinge of the Honor Magic V2 be better than that of the Galaxy Z Fold 5?

Honor has been manufacturing smartphones for years and manages to produce very well finished models. But what about foldable smartphones? There was the Magic V, then the Magic Vs last year? On the latter, if the crease was visible and felt under the finger, the design was neat.

This year, Honor is offering a hinge with a titanium alloy that would withstand 400,000 bends. As reminded Android Central, it is the use of this metal that reduces its thickness and weight. Compared to the Magic Vs, this one is 42% lighter and has reduced the thickness of the smartphone by 25%.

At the same time, Samsung has improved the design of its Galaxy Z Fold, with a lighter and thinner format, although the crease remains visible. Difficult for the moment to say which will have the best hinge, it will be necessary to wait for the release (still potential) of the Honor Magic V2 with us.

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