Tegoroczny hit znika ze Steama. To wina samych twórców

This year's hit disappears from Steam. It's the creators' fault

Helldivers 2 is undoubtedly one of this year's hits. The game was very popular, but has recently faced enormous criticism. The production was even removed from Steam.

Helldivers 2 is one of the most interesting games of this year, and certainly one of the most popular. The simple, slightly mocking production gained huge crowds of fans and seemed to have a bright future ahead of it. However, the creators made one, seemingly insignificant, but disastrous decision.

Helldriver 2 is disappearing from Steam in 170 countries

On Friday (May 3), Arrowhead announced that all Helldivers 2 players will be required to connect their Steam accounts to the PlayStation Network platform. Previously it was optional, but now it has become a requirement. The developer received a huge wave of criticism. Recent reviews on Steam are overwhelmingly negative and the overall rating of the game has dropped to mixed.

Players are complaining about the new requirement. Most people think that they bought the game on Steam to play it on Steam and they don't understand why they need to connect to an additional platform. Some of them don't even have an account on PlayStation Network.

But it doesn't end there. Another problem is that PlayStation Network does not work everywhere. The platform is only available in 90 countries around the world, so some players cannot even meet the new requirement. Therefore, Valve has decided to remove Helldivers 2 in countries where PSN does not work. That's a total of 170 countries where the game is no longer available for purchase. At the same time, players can request a refund even if they have exceeded the 2 hours of play required by Steam's regulations.

And so one of the best-rated and best-selling games of this year is slowly coming to life. The creators argue that the requirement to connect to PlayStation Network was planned from the beginning, but was not mandatory before due to technical problems. But this doesn't change anything. PlayStation and Arrowhead shot themselves in the foot.

All new Helldivers 2 players must now connect their Steam account to PlayStation Network. Existing players must do this by June 4 at the latest.

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