This Yamaha electric tricycle has a truly astonishing feature that changes everything when driving

Yamaha lifts the veil on its Tricera tricycle, a 100% electric concept which will be presented in the aisles of the Tokyo show at the end of October.

It is on October 26 that the highly anticipated Tokyo 2023 show will open its doors. And several Japanese manufacturers have already unveiled some of the new products that will make their first public debut there. Like Yamaha, which revealed an astonishing motorcycle called Motoroid2 with unique features to say the least: no handlebars, and an arm that rotates the rear wheel.

But that’s not all, since Yamaha plunges us into the future through a second show car which responds to the sweet name of Tricera. The first three letters also indicate the type of machine in question since it is a tricycle. Electric motor obviously.

Futuristic and minimalist

We remember that the English brand Morgan, particularly known for its 3 Wheeler tricycle born in the first half of the last century and which continues to live under the name Super 3, had for a time offered an electric alternative called EV3. But with a look with vintage accents, almost steampunk.

Yamaha’s new concept projects us into the future. If it uses the configuration of two wheels in front and only one at the rear, it sports a minimalist bodywork, to say the least, which leaves the driver and his passenger facing the elements.

However, everything has been studied here so that the air is redirected optimally around the machine. And it can even exempt passengers from wearing a helmet thanks to wind screens that come out to pass frontal air over the cockpit.

We can see that the seats, particularly enveloping, become almost one with the structure of the body in order to protect the occupants.

Driving pleasure above all

But that’s not all, because the Yamaha Tricera also innovates with not two steering wheels… but three! In fact, even the central wheel at the rear can turn in one direction or the other to increase driving pleasure behind the wheel. And just like on four-wheel-steer cars, this single wheel turns in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds to improve the turning radius. And on the contrary, at higher speeds, it turns in the same direction in order to improve handling.

Note that in this concept, Yamaha engineers also wanted this rear wheel steering system to be able to be disconnected.

Unfortunately, Yamaha tells us nothing more about the electric motor and does not specify the power or the autonomy of its machine. In any case, we hope that it won’t just remain a designer’s delirium and that this Tricera will make it to production.

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