To będzie rewolucja w tworzeniu wideo. Nie potrzebujesz już kamery

This will be a revolution in video creation. You don’t need a camera anymore

OpenAI Sora is a new tool for creating videos based on text commands. It will debut later this year.

As ChatGPT revolutionized the writing of lyrics, a Stable Diffusion and Midjourney creating images, a new tool will be available soon OpenAI has the potential to cause an earthquake in the video industry. Sorabecause that is the name of the new product, will debut later this year.

Sora – artificial intelligence will create videos

The principle of operation of Sora is similar to that of other tools using generative artificial intelligence. We enter a short text command and the model used will generate the requested content. The difference, however, is that it will not be a single photo, but an entire video. And of course, this is not the first tool of this type that allows you to create short movie clips. However, unlike its predecessors, the results obtained with Sora’s help look very, very realistic.

The new toy from OpenAI will certainly prove invaluable from the perspective of the advertising industry and small video creators who often rely on stock footage. Especially since Sora, although it will be a paid solution, it is to be offered at a price similar to tools like DALL-E.

It is also worth mentioning that OpenAI has taken care of appropriate security measures, which are intended to avoid abuses. All clips made with Sora will have a watermark. Creating videos with images of public figures will also be blocked.

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