This well-known Android manufacturer copies (partly) Dynamic Island on Android 14

Dynamic Island clearly served as a source of inspiration for one of the features of OxygenOS 14. Unfortunately, the OnePlus interface stops at the gimmick and doesn’t go any further.

OnePlus is no longer really in the odor of sanctity in France, due to the cessation of activity of its parent company Oppo France, but also the closure of the company which distributed its products in France. That being said, the brand continues to exist in the rest of the world and a comeback in a few years cannot be ruled out. We are therefore still closely monitoring its developments, especially as it is still technically possible to buy a OnePlus smartphone in France by ordering it from their store.

For a long time, OnePlus’ great strength lay in its interface, OxygenOS, which we thought would disappear, before the company famously backpedaled. If the interface now looks more and more like ColorOS, present on Oppo smartphones, it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Dynamic Island under Android 14

OxygenOS 14 was therefore released in beta. This is the latest version of the OnePlus interface, but under Android 14. According to rumors, the company planned to release it during the month of September, but the postponement of the release of Android 14 by Google would have disrupted its plans.

Anyway, some curious people have already been able to install the beta. However, this reveals a functionality that recalls another. As he shows in a video, when user X (formerly Twitter) Shishir starts a recording, a small bubble appears at the top of the screen. By clicking on it, a larger rectangular bubble is displayed.

This is inevitably reminiscent of Dynamic Island. It is still worth noting several differences with Dynamic Island. Already, this only works a priori with the recorder, while on iOS, many applications can take advantage of it. In addition, at no time does an interface element attempt to hide the punch of the phone, which is the primary use of Dynamic Island.

OnePlus has historically been a brand that was inspired by Apple, even integrating the alert slider, reminiscent of the Mute button on the iPhone, now replaced by the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Seeing Android manufacturers taking inspiration from Apple is also not surprising, as the Apple brand tends to set the standard in the smartphone market. If a technology can be considered niche, as soon as Apple adopts it on its iPhones, it becomes essential.

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