this well-calibrated mobile plan is only 9.99 euros

A low-cost mobile plan is not necessarily restrictive. Bouygues Telecom proves this with its offer at 9.99 euros per month tailored to meet the needs of the majority of French people.

The trend is for huge packages including more than 100 GB of data. However, such comfort comes at a cost and in most cases, these envelopes remain partially exploited. In fact, the French consume on average 15 GB of mobile data per month.

To better meet the needs of mobile users while offering them a certain margin of maneuver, and above all to lower their bill, B&You has put together a 40 GB mobile plan. Priced at only 9.99 euros per month, it is also without charge. commitment.

A well-calibrated and very affordable mobile plan

It’s hard to imagine being deprived of the internet and “cut off from the world”, because the monthly mobile data quota has been reached. As a precaution, it is tempting to subscribe to an over-equipped and logically more expensive package to benefit from a large quantity of data which will probably never be used.

Faced with operators offering offers that are either too limited or gigantic, B&You has found the right compromise: a 40 GB package at 9.99 euros per month. This mobile offer includes:

  • 40 GB of mobile data, including 16 GB usable in Europe and the overseas departments;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France;
  • the quality of Bouygues Telecom’s 4G network;
  • no long-term commitment.

Even if you spend a lot of your free time browsing the internet and watching videos on social networks, 40 GB is more than enough. This B&You package therefore covers all current needs.

As this offer is non-binding, anyone can upgrade their plan at any time to the 130 GB and 5G version priced at 15.99 euros. Enough to share your connection with a PC and replace an internet box in the event of a breakdown or loss of speed.

Options at preferential prices

Do you want to upgrade to 5G? The operator has provided a no-obligation option at 3 euros per month, bringing the price of the package to 12.99 euros per month. This price remains very competitive, with 5G mobile offers rarely falling below 15 euros.

Do you want even more? For only 4 euros per month, and always without commitment, B&You offers you a complete pack of options including:

  • 5G connectivity;
  • unlimited access to 70 TV channels via the mobile application available on Android and iOS;
  • priority treatment of all your assistance requests.

Enough to adjust your package according to your own needs, without having the slightest unnecessary extra cost.

You subscribe to the 40 GB plan, B&You takes care of the rest

Changing your mobile plan and switching to B&You while keeping your phone number is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

Simply select the 40 GB offer at 9.99 euros per month from the operator’s website, click on the “I choose this package” button, then check the options you wish to add.

All that remains is to indicate your mobile number, your RIO code (available by calling 3179), as well as your contact details and pay the 1 euro to send your new SIM card.

B&You then takes care of transferring your line and terminating your contract with your former operator on your behalf.

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