This TV box will save your old TV

With its new 4K TV box, Xiaomi proves that it is not necessary to ruin yourself with a new television to watch television in the best conditions.

Are our old flat screens perfectly functional, but not connected, good for scrap? Xiaomi responds in the negative with its new Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 box.

A worthy heir to the Xiaomi TV Box S, this box offers exemplary value for money. It not only takes up all the strong points of the previous generation by bringing some improvements, but in addition, it does so without the bill flying away. The Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 is thus offered at 69.99 euros.

A TV box that knows how to be discreet

A thousand miles away from operator TV boxes that look like monoliths, the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 opts for a sober and discreet design. This small square with rounded edges blends perfectly into the decor and does not encourage the user to change TV furniture to support it.

Its small size does not prevent it from carrying everything you need in terms of connectivity. There is a USB 2.0 port, an Ethernet socket and an HDMI socket. New, the latter becomes 2.1, thus adapting to new image standards. Bluetooth 5.2 is also making its debut with this box, in order to facilitate its integration into a connected environment. Especially since the installation of the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 is as easy as pie. Just connect the box to the TV via the HDMI port, connect it to the Internet and… That’s it.

It is clear that with so many advantages, the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 can carry out its mission: to make a traditional television without internet connectivity intelligent.

Simplified configuration and use

This is the whole point of the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2: enjoy a good television experience, with the added bonus of all your favorite applications, even on an aging television.

Xiaomi has understood this, which is why its new box runs on Google TV, an improved version of Android TV. This choice makes it possible to offer a clear and fluid interface. No more long minutes trying to find your favorite streaming service: everything is in front of you in a few clicks or movements. Especially since the Play Store allows you to retrieve many applications such as Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and many others.

Movie buffs will undoubtedly benefit from 4K at 60fps compatibility as well as Dolby Vision and HDR10+ standards. Finally, the Chromecast function is also included, thus avoiding the purchase of an additional accessory (often billed as expensive as the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 itself).

The remote control also knows some modifications. It is larger than its elder, because two additional buttons are appearing. The first launches YouTube with a single click, while the second instantly opens the application menu. A good way to avoid getting lost in the menus.

Of course, the Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 is compatible with Google Assistant and can be controlled by voice very easily. A rather practical function to launch your favorite series while ironing, for example, without having to look for the remote control.

Maintain a good quality-price ratio at all costs

Xiaomi’s real tour de force is to succeed in offering such a complete TV box without blowing up the bill. The Xiaomi TV Box S Gen2 is thus launched at a price of 69.99 euros. A price that can even increase to 54.99 euros if you join Xiaomi’s loyalty program.

A low price therefore, which allows you to take full advantage of a television, even aging, without having to subscribe to a triple-play offer with an operator.

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