This Tineco appliance cuts cleaning time in half (and it’s on sale for Prime Day)

What if you finally stopped wasting time cleaning? This is essentially what Tineco promises with its vacuum cleaners, devices that combine the functionalities of a vacuum cleaner (it’s in the name) and a mop.

Cleaning is good. It’s even necessary. But it’s as long as a day without bread. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, so many time-consuming tasks that take up free time. Hours “lost» which could be devoted to much more rewarding tasks. Fortunately, there are many methods to save time on cleaning sessions and one of them lies in a wonderful device: the washing vacuum cleaner.

Behind this name hides a device which combines the functionalities of a vacuum cleaner and those of a mop. Enough to vacuum and clean hard floors (tiles, parquet floors) in a single pass to save substantial time. If the prospect of saving time on your cleaning sessions tickles your fancy, that’s a good thing. For Prime Days, Tineco invites you to discover a selection of washing vacuum cleaners at reduced prices. Enough to save, for example, almost 30% on one of its best-sellers, the Floor One S5, which drops to 359 euros.

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What are the advantages of a washing vacuum cleaner?

Opting for a washing vacuum cleaner has many benefits on a daily basis. To begin with, using this type of device saves a lot of time when you decide to embark on a major cleaning. No need to vacuum then mop since everything is done at the same time for a result equivalent to that of the traditional method. A nice little extra, a washing vacuum cleaner also helps reduce drying times. The water used to clean the floors is partly recovered by suction and dried using a roller system.

Another advantage of washing vacuum cleaners: space requirements. For what ? Quite simply because it allows you to get rid of your mop and its bucket. A space saving that should not be overlooked, especially since the device itself is not much larger than a traditional vacuum cleaner. It can be easily stored in a cupboard or corner when you are not using it.

The last argument in favor of using this type of device is to be found on the side of arduousness. Thanks to its motorized roller system, the washing vacuum cleaner is easy to handle, with almost no effort. No more scrubbing like crazy or bending over for hours to get a shiny floor.

Tineco Floor One S5: the benchmark washing vacuum cleaner

If you want to discover the benefits of a washing vacuum cleaner, the Tineco Floor One S5 is undoubtedly the ideal candidate. For what ? Quite simply because it has all the features to bring you complete satisfaction. Its cleaning system is based on a powerful suction motor coupled to a duo of rollers which allows both to remove dirt and to clean and dry the floors.

To be sure not to miss anything, the Floor One S5 is equipped with iLoop sensors which detect the level of dirt present on the floor and adjust the suction power and water flow accordingly. Its large capacity (0.8 L of clear water and 0.7 L of waste water) allows it to clean up to 130 m² in a single pass.

In order to improve cleaning, Tineco has also revised its suction head, in particular by refining its sides. The reason ? Make cleaning easier in tight spaces or near baseboards. The Tineco Floor One S5 is also very easy to maintain thanks to a charging station which allows it to complete a self-cleaning cycle. Although the latter does not exempt you from emptying the dirty water tank, it still allows you to clean and dry the rollers without you having to touch them.

During Prime Days, you can save a whopping 160 euros on the Tineco Floor One S5. Enough to get it at 359 euros instead of 519 euros normally.

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro: the ultimate in cleaning

The latest model delivered by Tineco, the Floor One S7 Pro is positioned as one of the best washing vacuum cleaners available on the market. Built on the basis of the Floor One S5, this device benefits from numerous improvements compared to its predecessor. Most of them focus around the cleaning head to improve not only dirt collection but also floor cleaning.

The main new feature is the addition of an MHCBS Tech pressure-balanced water flow system which allows clear water to be spread over the brush and contaminated water to be recovered in the same pass. Enough to obtain optimal cleaning and avoid dirt on the brushes during cleaning.

The propulsion system has also been revised to make it easier to move the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro forwards and backwards. No need to pull or push like a madman, the brush drive motor does the work (mostly) for you.

The self-cleaning system, finally, has been redesigned to improve the experience. Once the cleaning session is completed and the Floor One S7 Pro is reinstalled on its base, a deep cleaning of the brush and tubes is initiated. Drying is then applied to avoid bad odors.

Usually sold for 799 euros, the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro benefits from a 20% reduction during Prime Days. Enough to bring its price down to 639.20 euros.

Tineco Floor One S5 Combo Power Kit: a versatile machine for everyday use

In broad terms, the Floor One S5 Combo Power Kit takes up the design and functionality of the classic Floor One S5. We therefore find the roller system and the iLoop sensors capable of measuring the level of dirt for the cleaning part. What’s the difference with the Floor One S5 then? Well, she cares about “Combo» attached to the name of this device.

Behind this qualifier hides the possibility of transforming this washing vacuum cleaner into a wide variety of devices. In a few manipulations, it can be transformed into:

  • a classic stick vacuum cleaner with a head fitted with mechanical rotating brushes;
  • a hand vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle for cleaning in hard-to-reach places, or for cleaning your car;
  • a mini electric brush to clean your carpets, mattresses and other fabrics (perfect for dog and cat owners).

A tool of great versatility, which will accompany you throughout your household sessions. On the occasion of Prime Days, the Floor One S5 Combo Power Kit loses 25% of its price and drops to 419 euros instead of 559 euros.

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