wybuch gwiazdy korona północna

This star is about to explode. You will see it with the naked eye

Fans of observing the night sky are in for a real treat. A “new” star will appear on it. All because of the explosion of this object. This is the first such phenomenon in about 80 years.

Of course it's not like this star wasn't there before. T Coronae Borealis has been known for a long time. We know this about her, for example: they are actually two stars: red giant and white dwarf. Both have an important influence on each other. However, they are usually not visible to the naked eye. But there is an exception.

Explosive star

The dwarf pulls gas from the red giant through gravity, accumulating it near its surface. Then a thermonuclear explosion occurs, which causes temporary brightening of the star. The dwarf then returns to its normal state and the cycle begins again.

According to historical observation, T Coronae Borealis erupts approximately every eighty years. Astronomers are expecting it to explode. It is scheduled to take place between now and September. Spectacles should be looked for in the constellation Corona Northernbetween Boötes and Hercules, who can currently be found on the eastern side of the night sky.

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