This route planner will change your life for your big bike trips

The EuroVelo network, which has a total of 17 long-distance cycle routes in Europe, has recently launched a route planner which will clearly make life easier for cycle tourists.

If you are tempted by a cycling or bikepacking getaway over several days, whether in France or across Europe, then you will inevitably come across the EuroVelo site. Launched by the European Cyclists’ Federation, this network includes 17 long-distance cycle routes or cycle routes on the Old Continent.

In total, more than 45,000 km of cycle routes have been developed to guarantee a safe cycling environment for cyclists looking to travel by bike or electric bike. In this full summer period, EuroVelo is launching a new, ultra-practical tool that will greatly help you organize your outings: a route planner.

Several types of journey

Like what can be seen in the field of electric cars – except that no stop by the charging box is recommended here -, this planner allows you to select a point A and a point B you want to join, and add steps in between.


Of course, only settlements located on the route of the identified cycle routes can be added to the planner. You can do this manually, or by hovering your mouse cursor over the map. Before validating your final route, EuroVelo offers you several types of route:

  • Most recommended;
  • The flattest;
  • The most technical;
  • The most direct.

By clicking on “Go”, a track that you can download in GPX format – a function launched a year ago – appears before your eyes. In its press release, EuroVelo states: “The different points of interest are also represented on the map, in order to give you an overview of the many cultural, culinary or historical sites that you will come across.“.


This function is simply excellent, since it allows you to take a break as you see fit according to the points of interest crossed on your way. On the right of your interface, a window also indicates the amount of positive and negative elevations covered, as well as the number of km and days required to complete your trip.

A city-by-city detail of your route

By pressing the “Show More” button, EuroVelo details your entire route and the main towns you will pass through. Practical, simple and effective.


This route planner is simply a remarkable tool for those who wish to embark on cycle tourism. It does the work for you both to define the ideal route you want to take, and to visit and discover culinary, historical or cultural sites.

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