Ten producent daje czadu. Tak tanio jeszcze nie było

This producer rocks. It has never been so cheap

This may be the beginning of changes in the computer hardware market. One manufacturer broke ranks and decided to offer cheap All in One sets.

The latest computer processors such as the series AMD Ryzen 7000 Whether 14th generation Intel Core offer insanely high performance in games and programs. Unfortunately, temperatures under load can be equally high. Especially in the case of higher positioned models.

ID-Cooling FX360 PRO will cost only PLN 259

For this reason, many users choose third-party CPU coolers. The leaders here are All in One systems, which offer lower temperatures and better work culture. There is only one problem – they are expensive. However, one of the producers decided to break this trend, i.e ID-Cooling.

ID-Cooling FX360 PRO is a ready-made water cooling kit based on a 360-mm, aluminum radiator and the 7th generation pump. The whole thing was kept in black without RGB LED. Despite the low price segment, rubber hoses have become popular nylon braid.

This producer rocks.  It has never been so cheap

The pump is equipped with ceramic bearing and runs at a speed of up to 2400 RPM. The included fans accelerate up to 1800 RPMoffering efficiency up to 82.5 CFMat pressure up to 2.55 mmH2ABOUT and declared work culture up to 35.2 dB(A). So theoretically it should be very quiet.

This producer rocks.  It has never been so cheap

This cooler supports newer and older processors that use the AMD AM4 and AM5 socket or Intel LGA 1851, 1700, 1200, 115x. According to specifications CPUs with TDP up to 350 W are supported.

The biggest advantage of ID-Cooling FX360 PRO is its low price, which is set at EUR 60, i.e. approximately PLN 259. This is not only cheaper than most AiOs on the market, but also a lot of traditional CPU coolers. The first foreign reviews are very positive. The only question is what will be the availability in Poland?

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