This producer is crazy. These are the most expensive fans on the market

One manufacturer decided to disrupt the PC cooling market. Their new fans have great specifications, but also extremely high prices.

You can find hundreds of computer fans in stores from many different manufacturers. Most of them look the same at first glance, but in reality the differences can be significant. Both when it comes to efficiency and work culture. Not to mention the size.

Prices of new Corsair fans start from PLN 215

And it so happens that Corsair presented a new series RS MAX, which is distinguished by three main features. Firstly We are talking about a thickness of 30, instead of 25 millimeters. Additionally, the blades are made of more durable material liquid crystal polymer (LCP)and in the end it stays new generation magnetic bearing.

Although 30 mm thick fans are nothing new, Corsair, compared to Phanteks, offers not only 120-mm, but also 140-mm units. This will be especially appreciated by owners of larger cases and fans of liquid cooling with 280- or 420-mm radiators.


Corsair RS120 MAX they work at speed up to 2000 RPMat efficiency up to 72 CFMair pressure up to 4.2 mmH2ABOUT and declared work culture up to 29.5 dB(A). In case of Corsair RS140 MAX we're talking about speed up to 1600 RPMair flow up to 104 CFMpressure up to 2.4 mmH2ABOUT and volume up to 31 dB(A).


The specification is impressive, however the suggested prices make your jaw drop more. And not in a positive sense. It's just ridiculously expensiveeven taking into account the 5-year warranty.

  • Corsair RS 120 MAX – PLN 215,
  • Corsair RS 120 MAX (Three-pack) – PLN 579,
  • Corsair RS 140 MAX – PLN 245,
  • Corsair RS 140 MAX (Two-pack) – PLN 459.

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