Ten sprzęt PlayStation to niewypał. Japończycy tną koszty

This PlayStation hardware is a dud. The Japanese are cutting costs

Although PlayStation 5 is doing well, not all Japanese equipment has been a success. PlayStation VR2 can be said to be a dud.

PlayStation VR2 is, overall, a good and successful virtual reality headset. Considering the possibilities and price, it is one of the most interesting devices in its category. However, the users themselves do not entirely share this opinion. PlayStation VR2 is selling poorly and Sony is cutting costs.

PlayStation VR2 is a dud

For some time now we have been receiving information that PlayStation VR2 is not selling well. The device apparently did not meet the expectations of the Japanese, despite over 200 games available, including Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake. It’s so bad that Sony is cutting costs.

The latest news shows that Sony is cutting funds for the production of VR games. At this point, the Japanese are only working on two titles dedicated to virtual reality goggles. However, considering the state of the entire industry and the huge layoffs in recent months, one cannot be sure that they will eventually be created.

Moreover, recent months clearly show that Sony has probably already put a cross on its goggles. Last year, the company only unveiled three new VR games and hasn’t announced anything new since then. At the same time, the First Contact Entertainment studio responsible for Firewall Ultra was closed, as well as the London branch that created Blood & Truth, another VR title.

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