this opinion of Steve Jobs on VR has no interest in 2023

As is often the case when Apple launches a new product, smart guys went to the archives to find Steve Jobs’ opinion on the subject. The approach is less and less relevant.

Among the tech giants, Apple is undoubtedly one of the firms to have been most marked by the fate of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The businessman left such an imprint that his opinion can still appear as a reference more than 10 years after his death.

It must be said that he was known for his vehement exits with regard to certain technological choices. So when the modern Apple seems ” to betray the philosophy of Steve Jobs easily makes headlines in the tech press. However, the approach is less and less relevant.

Steve Jobs’ opinion is off the mark in 2023

The announcement of the Apple Vision Pro marked the entire industry. By the firm’s own admission, it would be the most important product unveiled since the iPhone or the Mac, two devices developed during the lifetime of Steve Jobs. To evaluate the new machine, which divides among observers for its price or some of its proposals, some had fun seeking the opinion of Steve Jobs.

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In this excerpt from 2005 recorded by BFM And Clubic, he tells Walt Mossberg that there is not yet an equivalent to audio headphones. For him, these are a “miraculous” experience where you just have to put two headphones on your ears to have the impression of being in the presence of a speaker system. Steve Jobs ends by explaining that there is no equivalent for video, nothing that you can take with you to ” replace a 50 inch plasma screen “. Walt Mossberg then evokes the helmets existing at the time and Steve Jobs responds quickly “but they are mediocre in front of a hilarious room.

As amusing as it is, this opinion is no longer really relevant in 2023. First, this excerpt dates from before the creation of Oculus and modern VR headsets. We even precede the launch of the iPhone, and therefore the explosion of the smartphone market, whose screens are one of the founding bricks of today’s mixed reality headsets.

In addition, the Apple Vision Pro has precisely among its promises the ability to replace a television by projecting video content in front of the eyes. Apple even brought Disney on stage to highlight one of the mainstays of its headphones.

While waiting for the tests, we can still wonder about the quality of the cinema experience offered by the Apple Vision Pro in 2023, but we can be almost sure that the experience will be better than on an HD Ready plasma television. of 2005. Yes, in 2005 we also place ourselves before the democratization of high definition 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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