This operator is renewing its flagship 40 GB mobile plan at a low price

Good news ! It is no longer necessary to devote a large budget to have a good mobile plan. For less than 10 euros per month, RED offers a nice envelope of 40 GB.

RED indeed signs the great return of affordable packages with major operators. While the market had until then few offers below the 10 euro mark, these were usually very limited in terms of mobile data.

RED is shaking up the codes and renewing its non-binding 40 GB mobile plan this week again at 9.99 euros per month. Enough to meet the needs of most users, including heavy consumers of streaming videos.

A fairly complete mobile plan at a low price

Opting for one of the cheapest mobile offers from RED does not mean giving up the comfort and flexibility of a good plan. If you have a standard use of your smartphone, there is very little risk of running out at the end of the month.

For only 9.99 euros per month, RED promises a complete, non-binding package, the price of which does not increase after one year. This includes:

  • 40 GB of mobile data, of which 10 GB can be used in Europe and the overseas departments;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France;
  • the quality of SFR’s 4G network.

And if the fashion is for large mobile plans of more than 100 GB, ARCEP recalls that the average consumption of the French is only 15 GB per month. While this figure has been steadily increasing for more than a year, the 40 GB offered by RED in this package is more than enough for most users.

Such an envelope largely allows you to browse the internet and discover new trends on TikTok. There is even something to watch episodes of streaming series on Prime Video or Netflix.

Do you spend all your day on your smartphone, playing games and watching videos or regularly sharing your 4G connection with your PC? RED also offers 100 and 200 GB plans, respectively at 13.99 and 17.99 euros per month.

A series of options to enhance your package

The operator has also thought of travel lovers and allows them to go from 10 to 30 GB usable in Europe and the overseas departments for barely 5 euros more per month. This option also includes 20 GB valid in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Andorra.

RED allows you to activate this international option without obligation the month of your departure on vacation and to cancel it on your return. Without intervention on your part, it is however automatically renewed every month.

What if you take the opportunity to change mobile?

By subscribing to its 40 GB mobile plan at 9.99 euros per month, RED gives you great discounts on a wide selection of smartphones, including the Pixel 7, 7 Pro and 7a, powerful photophones designed by Google.

To benefit from such competitive rates, simply go to the RED website, select the smartphone of your choice, then the 40 GB mobile plan.

When validating the order, you can indicate your RIO code (available by calling 3179 free of charge) so that RED will then take care of transferring your line and terminating the contract with your former operator. The portability of your number will then be done automatically and without interruption of services, a few days after subscription.

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