this novelty could bring billions of dollars to Apple

Apple is working on a new range of AirPods to accompany the launch of the iPhone 15. Some new features are expected, and others more surprising.

We think we know that Apple would take advantage of the arrival of the iPhone 15 to finally switch to USB-C on smartphones. Launched more than 10 years ago, the Lightning would therefore be living its last months. But the proprietary connector wasn’t just used on the iPhone. It is therefore also necessary to renew the rest of the catalog.

This is essentially what Mark Gurman reveals in his newsletter power-on of July 2.

A new AirPods case

AirPods headphones are one of the big hits in Apple’s recent history. The firm has succeeded in popularizing wireless headphones that are recharged using a small transport box. Until then, the box offered Lightning charging or wireless charging. With the launch of the iPhone 15, Apple would change the case to stick a USB-C port on it. We could finally charge our MacBook, iPhone and headphones with the same charger.

For the moment, it would be a simple renewal of the AirPods Pro case. The headphones are from 2022 and are on a three-year renewal cycle, so the brand wouldn’t have planned any further changes.

The AirPods 3 could also see their price drop and reach the symbolic mark of 99 dollars in the United States. With such an aggressive price, Apple could fiercely compete with Samsung and Xiaomi.

A novelty at 10 billion dollars

We also learn that Apple would continue to work on novelties around health. We have been hearing about this project for the AirPods for many months now.

This includes improving hearing aid features by adding user listening tests. The system would be able to assess the level of hearing. Bloomberg recalls that the hearing aid market weighs more than 10 billion dollars per year, and that Apple would like to quickly make a good place for itself. In particular, this would require certification with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the American organization that regulates health devices in the United States.

Apple is also reportedly working on adding tracking sensors to AirPods like a temperature sensor. It would be a question of supplementing the data of the Apple Watch by taking readings from another point of the human body.

Between the new software unveiled at WWDC for the AirPods, the switch to USB-C, a price drop and the arrival of a next generation of health functions, we can say that Apple is betting a lot on the success of its future wireless headphones.

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