This non-binding SFR mobile plan ideally combines 5G, 100 GB and low prices

Subscribing to a mobile offer with one of the incumbent operators does not necessarily cost more than with the MVNOs. SFR proves it by renewing this excellent 5G 100 GB package without commitment at the contained price of 15.99 euros per month. This is one of the best value for money at the moment.

Uncompromising mobile plans are rare. It is generally necessary to arbitrate between 5G and a large envelope of mobile data to avoid seeing your bill explode.

However, at this moment, an offer stands out. SFR offers a mobile plan combining 5G and 100 GB for only 15.99 euros per month the first year (30.99 euros per month thereafter). And if you are already an SFR box customer, this price drops to 10.99 euros per month for the first year. Small bonus: this offer is non-binding.

Nothing else to add

SFR has found the right combination to meet the needs of all its mobile customers. Offered at the floor price of 15.99 euros per month for the first year (then 30.99 euros per month), its 100 GB 5G plan is one of the most complete and best calibrated on the market.

At this rate, the operator includes:

  • 100 GB of mobile data usable from France, the overseas departments, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, as well as from the overseas departments, Europe, Switzerland and Andorra;
  • the quality of SFR’s 5G network.

In addition, this offer is non-binding, a rare asset among incumbent operators, especially for a package displayed at such a competitive price.

With such a mobile plan, even data eaters should not feel limited, knowing that the French consume an average of 15 GB of mobile data per month according to ARCEP. Such an envelope therefore allows you to discover the latest episodes of this series that keeps you in suspense, but also to share your 5G connection with your PC as often as necessary.

Subscribe in addition to fiber to fill up on discounts

And if you finally equip the youngest of the family without this package costing you the slightest euro? At the moment, if you combine the SFR 5G 100 GB plan with one of its fiber offers, the operator applies a discount of 5 euros to your bill and offers you as a bonus for 12 months 3 mobile subscriptions of 2 hours with 100 MB.

Can you already hear him protesting against this so contained mobile data envelope? Thanks to the SFR Family option! available free of charge upon subscription to a combined Box + Mobile offer, you can share with it up to 90 GB per month. A way to keep control of their data consumption and teach them how to control it.

In addition, SFR Family! also includes a parental control solution. Perfect for limiting screen time, blocking certain sites and more generally for keeping an eye on web browsing.

Despite all the advantages resulting from such a combined offer, the fiber subscriptions associated with this operation are also affordable. For 20.99 euros per month the first year (34.99 euros per month thereafter), SFR offers you the Fiber Starter with its 500 Mb/s of uplink and downlink speeds and its 160 TV channels included.

Thus, for barely 31.98 euros per month, you can obtain:

  • a 100 GB 5G mobile plan without commitment;
  • 3 4G mobile plans of 2 hours with 100 MB;
  • a parental control tool;
  • 1 fiber optic subscription.

Equipping your whole family has never been so affordable.

To take advantage of such an offer, it’s very simple

In order to benefit from all the price advantages currently offered by SFR, simply go to the Box+Mobile tab, then select the fiber offer as well as the 100 GB 5G mobile plan. Then, go to the bottom of the page to add one or more 2h 100 MB packages to your basket. The reductions are then automatically applied.

At this point, all you have to do is provide your contact details, as well as your RIO code (available by calling 3179) if you wish to keep your mobile number. Finally, to validate the order, you must pay the 11 euros fee corresponding to the activation of each mobile line and the sending of your SIM cards. New fiber customers must also pay 49 euros in fixed line opening fees.

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