This new versatile and family electric bike is a monster of power

Tenways took advantage of Eurobike 2023 to show off its very first electric cargo bike: the Cargo one, which belongs to the cargo bike class. Its big strength lies in its central Bafang engine, with a very generous torque of 120 Nm.

Electric cargo bikes have been on the rise for a few years. Between 2021 and 2022, sales even jumped 96% in France, to climb to 33,000 in total. The ultra-favorable dynamics of this class of vehicles are pushing young manufacturers to position themselves in the segment, like Tenways.

The four models in its catalog – CGO 600, CGO 600 Pro, CGO 800S and Ago X – will thus be joined by the Cargo One, an electric two-wheeler which therefore has the particularity of having an elongated front axle. The biporteur is the opposite of a longtail, whose rear axle is longer in order to accommodate people or goods.

More details at Eurobike 2023

The Cargo one was thus the subject of a presentation at Eurobike 2023 – we were able to meet it in Paris in May -, without the brand publishing an official press release for the moment. It is therefore necessary to concentrate the information gleaned by eBike News And Picalapresent on site, to draw the first outlines of this two-wheeler.

Already, the Cargo one impresses with its torque: 120 Nm, generated by its central Bafang M600 engine (3.9 kg) specially designed for cargo ships. This is good news, since this training unit should be more than enough to boost starts and restarts.

This is all the more important on electric cargo ships, since their original weight is generally high. If you add the weight of children or cargo, then the couple clearly has an interest in keeping up and keeping up. Note that this model remains compliant with European law with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Tenways Cargo One Flagship

This engine is associated with a Gates carbon belt as well as an Enviolo continuously variable transmission. The data sheet does not specify whether this box is automatic or manual. In any case, it ensures that you never derail, and remains an ideal ally when combined with a belt.

This Cargo one is based on a so-called mule assembly: that is to say that its 26-inch rear wheel is larger than its 20-inch front wheel. For what ? Because the load will mainly concentrate at the front due to the presence of a front tray. This makes it possible to carry a lower load, in order to optimize the overall stability of the two-wheeler.

Available this summer in France

Its Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tires are fitted alongside hydraulic disc brakes, without the make and model being specified. It is also necessary to count on a 960 Wh battery – theoretical autonomy of 100 km –, an aluminum frame or a total weight of 55 kg.

According Picala, who was able to interview a representative of the brand on site, a telescopic seat post is included, as are integrated turn signals. This is always a good thing for user safety.

Launched at the recommended price of 4999 euros, the Cargo one should be available in the majority of French partner stores by the end of August.

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