This new Tesla adapts impeccably to the iPhone ecosystem

iOS Shortcuts are used and loved by many, but not all apps support them natively. That of Tesla has just been updated, and now offers many possibilities.

Tesla’s mobile app is among the most comprehensive on the market when it comes to electric vehicles. A guide is at your disposal if you wish to delve into more detail on what it allows.

Whether it is to manage the load, open or close your vehicle or even start the heating, a few manipulations within the app installed on your smartphone are enough. For iPhone users, you can now assign most actions as iOS shortcuts.

A welcome feature for advanced users

More than twenty actions are now supported by version 4.24 of the Tesla application on the Apple App Store. Some are of course anecdotal, while others may have real utility.

Informed users immediately jumped at the chance to create automations that are useful to themand now you can do the same for yourself.

For example, if it is not possible directly on the car to set a charging end time, you can create an automation that stops charging when your off-peak hours end.

Or, if you want to precondition your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y at a different time on certain days, it’s simple to do so via an automation for each day concerned. Before this update, it was simply not possible, you had to go through third-party applications or services.

Works with Siri too

Finally, it is possible to invoke shortcuts via the voice assistant Siri, which can be practical if your hands are busy: “Hey Siri, open the trunk” can sometimes save you the day. It’s up to you to imagine the shortcuts and automations that will be most useful to you.

When you create a shortcut, you have the option of giving it a name. It is this name that will trigger the shortcut via Siri. For example, if you name your shortcut “Tesla Preconditioning Mode”, you can say “Hey Siri, Tesla Preconditioning Mode” to run the shortcut.

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