This new, more affordable Samsung tablet is entering its home stretch

The all-new Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ has been spotted in FCC records, signaling an imminent launch for Samsung’s next tablet.

An obligatory step for electronic products marketed on the American market, the review by the FCC is often a good indicator of the imminent arrival of a new product on the market. It is therefore with great interest that we learn today that the Galaxy Tab S9 FE + has been seen at the American regulator. The next mid-range tablet from Samsung should therefore be launched very soon… and we discover as a bonus some additional information concerning the slate, following this certification.

As a reminder, the Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ will aim to provide a more affordable alternative to the recent Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra, announced by Samsung in July. These are indeed expensive, count between 899 and 1659 euros depending on the model chosen and the configuration adopted. What push many users into the arms of a more accessible model.

Two references seen in FCC records

Anyway, the passage of the Tab S9 FE + on the registers of the FCC allows us to know (a little) more about the tablet. For example, we now know that it will be available in Wi-Fi and Cellular versions, and that it will support fast charging at 45 W. The FCC listing also stipulates that the S9 FE + will be able to count on an S-Pen stylus (we do not know for the moment if it will be supplied with the slate or sold separately), and that we can connect a keyboard to it.

As the appearance of two separate references in the FCC records suggests, Samsung would finally offer two variants of its tablet: a 10.9-inch Galaxy Tab S9 FE, and a 12.4-inch Tab S9 FE+ this time … or an XXL diagonal which would therefore be identical to that of the “classic” Galaxy Tab S9+.

It now remains to be seen what configuration Samsung will choose for these two more accessible slates. In order to reduce costs, the Korean manufacturer could limit them to IPS screens (instead of OLED), prefer Exynos chips to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, or even reduce the airfoil on the speaker and camera side.

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