This new electric car promises exceptional range, but there’s something wrong

After its electric SUV, the Italian brand Aehra lifts the veil on its electric sedan, which does not yet have an official name. It has a power of 805 horsepower and a range of 800 kilometers. What give cold sweats to Tesla …

You don’t know Aehra yet? It shouldn’t take long, because the Italian brand is starting to develop well and make people talk about it. Based in Milan, it unveiled its first car at the end of last year, an SUV whose official name has not yet been communicated.

A brand new sedan

If the latter should not see the day of series before three years, the firm does not wait before announcing the arrival of a second vehicle. This is how she has just unveiled on her site the first images and information about her new creation, which this time takes the shape of a large sedan. Again, this one has no real name and takes the name of Sedan, which means sedan in the language of Shakespeare.

Not surprisingly, this newcomer adopts a stylistic language close to the SUV. We therefore find a front face inspired by the latter, but which is however not a simple copy-paste. The set is indeed a little more refined, while we still find large air intakes and very thin LED optics.

For the moment, the manufacturer has not yet given information on the total length of his car, but it seems to display generous dimensions. She takes advantage ofa very long wheelbase and very short overhangs, giving it a slender and dynamic silhouette. Added to this is a reduced height and a sloping roof at the rear. Note that the mirrors have been replaced by cameras, to improve aerodynamics.

However, no word yet on the Cd (aerodynamic drag coefficient) of the car, which should probably be quite low. To the point of beating the Lucid Air with its 0.197? Not so sure. But it will be necessary to wait before having the heart net. The styling of the car is also complemented by large rims, the design of which could no doubt contribute to making the sedan more aerodynamic, as is the case on the Tesla Model S.

Great autonomy

Unsurprisingly, and as the brand’s website shows, this new Aehra Sedan inherits the driving position of the SUV. This one stands out with its huge screen which occupies the entire width of the windshield and which can further expand to half its height as well. It is complemented by a smaller digital panel and a discreet digital instrument cluster.

Aehra also specifies that four NBA players can be comfortably seated in the car, the length of the wheelbase of which has not been announced. But what also interests us a lot is what is hidden under the hood of this sedan, which hunts directly on the lands of the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan and other Mercedes EQS and which takes up the SUV platform.

The Sedan embarks a large 120 kWh battery, which goes completely against what some manufacturers advocate, whereas an accumulator of this size is not necessarily recommended. For comparison, the Tesla Model S announces 723 km of autonomy with a smaller battery of 95 to 100 kWh. This implies lower consumption.

Because at Aehra, autonomy is displayed at about 800 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, this is enough to reassure motorists, many of whom believe that electric cars cannot drive far enough. Except that it’s actually not essential. Especially since the sedan can recharge very quickly.

In fact, it is equipped withan 800 volt architecture and can withstand up to 350 kW in maximum power. Only the Lucid Air does as well for the moment, while few terminals in France can deliver as much power. This new electric car, which should arrive in 2026, also has three motors, for a total power of 805 horsepower. Performances have yet to be announced.

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