This new electric bike motor can automatically change gears

Already mastering transmissions, SRAM is entering the world of all-terrain electric bike motors with its powerful “Eagle” with automatic gears.

In a world where electric bikes are favored by cyclists, and even mountain bike purists, the limited choice of motors seemed absurd. Between the Bosch CX/SX and Shimano EP8, with a touch of Yamaha PW-XM, X3 and TQ, we quickly get the hang of it. But now new players in the field are intervening, recently with Pinion, but now also SRAM.

A Brose base to get started

We knew SRAM more for its transmissions or its brakes for mountain bikes and e-MTBs, not to mention Rockshox suspensions. Like Shimano, the firm wants to be able to fully equip an all-terrain bike with its ecosystem, by adding a new range of electric motors. Soberly named SRAM Eagle, the block is central to respect the balance of masses, and limits its weight to 2.9 kg.

SRAM motor battery technical view

Based on the German Brose S Mag with a generous torque of 90 Nm, it will be able to push e-MTBs to their limits and significantly increase the driving experience. Its AXS application (high-end customizable name from the manufacturer) will also allow you to adjust your preferences, such as power peaks (70 to 680 W), the assistance percentage and even the return of the telescopic saddle.

Automatic or manual gears

Transmission specialist with its compatible Eagle XX,

The use is also not modeled on the levels of assistance that we experience on an urban VAE. No mode 1 or turbo, here the SRAM Eagle offers two choices: the Range Fashion favoring autonomy and Rally Fashion for performance.

SRAM E-MTB engine

To avoid cluttering the rider, the brand has integrated a very small screen on the upper tube of the frame. The display is simple, with the current mode, automatic speed activated or not, and the battery gauge with a percentage. The controls are on the handlebars, left and right, also managing the saddle and the automatic function.

A first SRAM engine on which VTTAE?

Finally, where will we see these famous SRAM Eagle e-MTB engines? The brand is already communicating with partners like GasGas, as well as Transition, Nukeproof and Propain (photo on the front page). And they do not say how much they will have to pay for the integration of the Eagle pack. Do we just know that 630 Wh and 720 Wh batteries will be offered, in addition to a second optional 250 Wh battery.

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