This new “electric bike” for two people is surfing on the trend of vintage cruisers

The American brand Electra – a subsidiary of Trek – is breaking into a new segment, that of electric bikes that look like mopeds, with the Ponto Go.

As we know, electric bikes can take very different forms. Some are even inspired by motorcycles or mopeds, such as the American Super73, the French Elwing, or the last atypical Yamaha Booster that we were able to try. Many other brands are gearing up, like Electra, another firm from across the Atlantic and owned by Trek since 2014.

A fun electric bike, designed for everyone?

Already surfing on cruiser type electric bikes, a very American category, it was surprising that Electra had not already offered such a product. The Electra Ponto Go! therefore responds to the Super73 with a 20-inch VAE with wide tires (57 mm), with a frame supporting two seats, but slightly open at the front to facilitate stepping over.

With a long wheelbase designed for two people (160 kg max), the bike has a front HL suspension with 80 mm travel to enhance riding comfort, and high handlebars to keep your back straight.

Electra Ponto Go electric bike

Amazing, the Electra Ponto Go! is only available in sober colours: black, grey, blue and white. This last shade is however coupled with a rainbow gradient, the only “madness” on this fun electric bike. Only one size is also available, which could exclude the largest templates, knowing that the saddle is not adjustable, nor the handlebars.

Electra tries to reassure by communicating compatible sizes from 1.55 to 2.08 meters, but it will have to be done with a weight.

An American speedbike soon available in VAE for Europe?

For now, this Electra Ponto Go! only starts in the United States. It complies with local “Class 3” regulations, ie with a 750 watt BEP motor at the rear, against the 250 Wh limit in Europe. The drivetrain goes through an 8-speed Microshift chain and derailleur, and the torque sensor should ensure a snappy response.

Electra Ponto Go 2023

A trigger can accelerate up to 32 km/h, and the pedal assistance works up to 40 km/h. With us, this bike would be a speedbike, unless the brand imports it with a limit of 25 km/h and blocks the power at 250 W (without changing the torque of 60 Nm). With a 650 Wh battery not integrated into the frame but removable, the e-bike should travel at least 50 km per charge.

Priced at 2,699 dollars (2,465 euros at the current exchange rate), the Electra Ponto Go! don’t forget the full equipment: plastic mudguards, kickstand, lights and even indicators.

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