this new dutch electric bike wants to hit hard

Recently made official, the new Gazelle Esprit C7 HMS was exhibited as part of ProDays 2023. The opportunity to discover together this urban electric bike which relies on both a central engine and a 7-speed Nexus transmission, all for less of 2500 euros.

Gazelle is one of the most popular brands in the Netherlands. It has been manufacturing bicycles for more than 130 years now, in Dieren, and has naturally established itself in other European markets, including France. The Batavian brand logically took advantage of ProDays 2023 to show one of its latest novelties.

This is the Gazelle Esprit C7 HMS, made official during the month of June, which CssTricks was able to discover on the show. This model aims to attract a particular target: “Students who travel between their apartment and their place of study, as well as commuters», Explains a representative of the brand.

A more than relevant central engine

To do this, Gazelle has tried to bring the price of the bike down as much as possible: 2390 euros all the same, which places it above the average price of a VAE in France. Nevertheless, at this price, this mount draws a relatively promising combination of components on paper: a central engine associated with a 7-speed Nexus transmission.

The mid-engine costs more because it is more complex to integrate. It also helps to better balance the bike and offers better assistance management. This is an element found on generally high-end VAEs.

Gazelle Esprit C7 HMS

For its part, the Nexus 7-speed transmission allows you to change gears whether stationary or in motion. A great advantage for going over small gears at a red light, for example. The case also protects the entire system from bad weather, dust or shocks.

The Gazelle Esprit C7 HMS is based on a Shimano EP5 engine, whose torque reaches 40 Nm. For the city, this is normally sufficient. You can also count on a 400 Wh battery, Shimano BR-MT200 dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, 28-inch Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, a power meter and a weight of 23.4 kg.

No direct sales, but a large network of partners

Placed on the frame, the battery is removable. Convenient for charging your electric bike without having to ride it at home or at work.

Gazelle Esprit C7 HMS

Gazelle tells us that no French assembly workshop managed this specific activity. “Gazelle is such a leader in its local market that it prefers to assemble everything in the Netherlands“, we are told. “In France, there are no direct sales. For what ? Because handling is important“says the brand.

Thus, Gazelle relies on a network of 180 partner stores – with the objective of increasing to 200 stores – dispatched throughout France. “Stores are trained to know our models and repair them when needed. Also, we have 5 sales people who manage their sector to develop our network of partners“.

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