This new Chinese electric car offers a very practical and uncommon feature

The IM Motors group is upgrading its electric SUV, the LS7, by offering it a brand new remote update. On the program, several new features including the display of blind spots. A still uncommon system that could greatly improve safety on the roads.

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If you have never heard ofIM Motors, you probably know one of the brands of its parent company SAIC Motor, namely MG. But the Chinese firm, which has not yet crossed the borders of Europe unlike its very popular sister here, is slowly starting to make people talk about it and its models.

A new feature

Among them, the new LS7, which takes the form of an electric SUV and was officially unveiled last September. Marketed since the beginning of the year in China, it could end up arriving on the Old Continent, while many Asian brands have already done so, such as BYD or Nio. Hunting in the lands of the Tesla Model X, this new arrival continues to evolve several months after its launch.

Indeed, and as the Chinese site explains It Homethe latter offers a whole new remote OTA (over-the-air) update. A solution that is increasingly popular with manufacturers, including Tesla, which now repairs most of its cars in this way, unlike others like Ford or Mercedes. This solution allows customers to avoid having to return to the garage to update their car.

This upgrade, which is called IMOS 2.2.0, should soon be available for owners of the electric SUV, recently supported by the new LS6 just unveiled and rival of the Model Y. But what is the Chinese manufacturer preparing for us? In fact, this new version of the software has many improvements and new features. One of which should prove particularly useful.

It is blind spot display. Concretely, when the driver activates the turn signal, the camera positioned on the side of the car is able to display an area of ​​your blind spot on the digital handset, allowing you to see what is happening before turning. A technology that should allow reduce accidents, especially with cyclists which position themselves, sometimes and in spite of themselves, out of sight of the motorist.

Many improvements

For now, this feature is still rare on the market, but some manufacturers offer it, like Hyundai on its Kona Electric, which we recently discovered. At IM Motors, it only works up to 20 km/h while at the Korean firm, it is always operational, whatever the speed. But that’s not the only improvement coming with this update.

Indeed, the electric SUV also offers level 3 autonomous driving in a beta version reserved for a few roads in China. This technology includes in particular the automatic lane change, as offered by Mercedes on its EQS recently. Now the distance from the car to an obstacle when parking is also shown on the car display.

A new, more advanced voice assistant is also making its debut, while the sound has been optimized for better comfort in the cabin. A fun feature is also coming, allowing you todisplay your virtual pet and interact via voice command. It is also possible to connect to your personalized profile via a gesture password, without needing your smartphone.

As a reminder, the IM LS7 comes in two versions with 90 and 100 kWh batteries offering a range of up to 660 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. This corresponds to approximately 600 kilometers with the WLTP standard. Two power levels are offered, up to 577 horsepower while the price is displayed around 350,000 yuan, or approximately 47,250 euros excluding taxes.

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