this modular laptop is about to do better than the rest

The Laptop 16’s USB-Cs are capable of handling a 240 Watt charge via USB-C… with a 180 Watt charger.

The technology industry is waiting for Framework’s second product. Their mission remains the same: to design a modular and repairable laptop. The Laptop 16 Framework is thus the improved version of the Laptop 13, presenting a larger format, but not only.

The Laptop 16 is built around three essential elements: a system of extensive customization of key components, including the CPU, an expansion bay system and the Framework expansion card system. It is equipped with a modular keyboard that the user can replace, comprising different modules of different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) developed by Framework.

Beyond the six customizable side modules, the user therefore has the possibility of fully customizing the upper surface of the device. The Laptop 16 also incorporates a dedicated GPU, which can also be replaced, underlining Framework’s ambition to create a truly user-adaptable product.

A record?

Framework has announced that its new laptop will featurea power supply capable of delivering 180 Watts in USB Type-C. This is certainly not a first, but it is still rare. Moreover, thepower supply efficiency is estimated at 93%. This is above the average of other manufacturers, which is between 85 and 90%, and is close of the figure touted by Apple to highlight its environmental efforts.

But the Laptop 16 goes even further: thanks to the USB PowerDelivery 3.1 standard via USB-C, the device can accept up to 240 Watts. So, as Framework states, “ The Laptop 16 supports 240W USB PD 3.1 power adapters, so you can configure your DIY version without a power adapter and add your own 240W adapter instead. “.

A few technical details deserve to be clarified. Historically, USB-C power adapters have been limited to 100W. Framework managed to design a 180W USB-C power adapter using the new USB PD 3.1 EPR standard via a Weltrend WT6676F controller, enabling up to 36V/5A output. In addition to reducing environmental impact through efficiency and recycled materials, Framework has promoted longevity by making USB-C cables 2 m and AC of 1 m removable, allowing to replace a cable if necessary.

It is important to note that you will need to use a USB-C cable that supports EPR voltagesotherwise you will be limited to 20V/3A or 20V/5A. EPR cables have an e-marker chip which allows the system to ensure that it can safely handle voltage and current requirements.

Its ability to deliver impressive power, combined with its unprecedented modularity, positions this device to challenge the industry giants. This is undeniably a nice feature of Framework. Their approach emphasizes durability and longevity, a philosophy clearly ingrained in their products. By offering the best of today’s technology in their machines, they assure their customers of an investment that will stand the test of time.

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