this massive beta brings Windows Copilot (IA) and interface changes

With build 23493, Microsoft offers major new features for Windows 11 and in particular the arrival of AI in the system.

During its big Build conference in May 2023, Microsoft had given us an appointment in June for a first beta of the new features. On the wire, the firm keeps its promise and offers for download theinsider preview build 23493 in the Dev channel of the program. It brings important novelties.

Copilot: the ChatGPT assistant arrives in beta on Windows 11

Impossible not to start with the integration of Windows Copilot, the AI ​​integrated into Windows 11 and based on Bing Chat, that is to say the version of ChatGPT from Microsoft.

With this preview, Windows Copilot is accessible from a taskbar button or the Win+C shortcut.

This is still a fairly limited first version of the product, but Microsoft already offers powerful uses such as the ability to summarize a web page from Microsoft Edge, or the adjustment of certain system options ” switch to dark theme ” Or “ take a screenshot “.

Among the major functions that are missing: the ability of developers to offer plug-ins for Windows Copilot.

Finally a volume mixer for Windows 11

The other major change in this beta is the revamp of the volume mixer. This practical function of Windows 7 had become difficult to access over time. With the preview, Microsoft immediately places it in the taskbar and offers a new interface.

From the quick sound settings, you can therefore quickly adjust the volume of applications independently of each other.

Interface changes

Microsoft is also unveiling some important changes for the Windows 11 interface. The system settings home has been revised with a card system allowing quick access to some settings.

The “Snap Layouts” for managing the display of multitasking windows have also been revised. Microsoft wants to make layout recommendations based on what the firm considers highly optimized.

This is an important stepping stone for Windows 11 and the build also includes other new features, such as native support for .rar and .7z files which had caused some ink to flow.

The new features of this preview are scheduled to arrive in the retail version of Windows 11 at the end of the year.

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