Ten producent zaliczył sporą wpadkę. Jest oficjalne oświadczenie

This manufacturer made a big mistake. There is a statement

The Taiwanese are finally pulling their heads out of the sand. MSI officially responded to the issue of defective motherboards, issued a statement and started the replacement process.

Two days ago we informed you about problems with MSI motherboards. We are talking about top platforms with chipsets Intel Z790 for the latest Intel processors. Although it seems that this has been going on for several months, it has recently started to appear more and more reports.

Do you have an MSI motherboard? The manufacturer will replace it with a new one

Service “Joshi Repair” proved with the help of a thermal imaging camera that the culprit is a cracked chipset. As a result, even new motherboards they don't start or loop on the POST screen. The exact cause of this situation was unknown, but it was not available from other manufacturers.

MSI's initial response looked like an attempt to sweep the matter under the rug. The initial comment from the Taiwanese claimed that there was no increase in the number of warranty claims both in Poland and throughout Europe. However, the manufacturer changed his mind and officially admits his mistake.

We discovered that a small pool of motherboards may have been equipped with a non-functioning chipset, which could result in DOA (Dead on Arrival). We isolated the cause in the previously used PCH heatsink screw design and took action to resolve the issue.

In other words, the way the cooler was mounted on the chipset damaged it. The new revision already has a changed system, and MSI is replacing motherboards for customers. Persons affected by this issue should contact the company's regional support department.

The manufacturer made a big mistake.  There is an official statement

However, the question arises whether MSI's reaction is praiseworthy? The manufacturer reacted only after the matter was publicized by the media, and the first reports appeared several months ago. Moreover, the scale of the problem was not revealed and it was not specified which models it applies to. MSI only talks about the MSI Z790 Tomahawk WiFiwho appeared in the aforementioned film from “Joshi Repair” and press releases like ours.

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