This “light” urban electric bike is one of the first to taste this promising engine

Mainly specializing in mountain bikes, the British company Whyte Bikes is trying out urban electric bikes with its RHeO2 and RHeO3 range, expected in spring 2024. Their particularity? The integration of a KMC Kynamic engine, a brand new engine manufacturer on the VAE scene.

With the meteoric rise of urban electric bikes since the post-Covid period, new manufacturers are trying to position themselves in this lucrative, yet very competitive, niche. This is particularly the case for Whyte Bikes, a British brand created in 1999 and mainly known for its mountain bikes.

This time, the group wants to offer a more urban solution, with an electric bike designed for the city through its design and performance: here are the RHeO2 and RHeO3, recently presented by the company and just highlighted by Cycling Electric And BikeRadar.

Two versions to choose from

The two models are identical, with one small difference: the first is without any urban accessories, Conversely the second which is equipped as standard with a luggage rack, a crutch and mudguards. For the rest, nothing differentiates them, except the price obviously: 1999 and 2299 pounds sterling, respectively, or approximately 2290 and 2631 euros.

Whyte Bikes

If the pair already appears in the manufacturer’s official catalog, Cycling Electric tells us that their availability will not occur before spring 2024. Moreover, neither of the two frames seems to be offered for purchase, since no size is selectable on the product page.

In terms of technical characteristics, the RHeO2 and RHeO3 differ on one point. They are among the first cycles on the market to be equipped with a KMC Kynamic engine, a subsidiary recently launched by the famous chain manufacturer KMC. CssTricks had written an article on this subject to present its range to you.

A controlled weight

Here you have to count on a 250 W motor with a torque of 45 Nm, which should give it enough dynamism for urban routes. This system is associated with a 252 Wh battery, a relatively modest energy capacity. On the other hand, their respective weights of 15.5 and 17.2 kg give hope for a balanced bike in terms of weight/performance, which can have a positive impact on autonomy.

Whyte Bikes

The tires installed on this bike also tend to reassure: they are 28-inch Maxxis Reaver, whose notched appearance should give it a bit of versatility, and above all, good grip on the ground. Always practical, even more so with Tektro T3020 hydraulic disc brakes with which braking can be powerful.

Spring 2024

Finally, this mount is based on a Shimano Cues 9-speed transmission. Given the number of reports, this is the U4000 Series, the manufacturer’s entry level. Available in high frame and low frame versions, the Whyte Bikes RHeO2 and RHeO3 will be launched, as a reminder, around spring 2024.

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