Tak ma wyglądać wydajność Nintendo Switch 2

This is what the performance of Nintendo Switch 2 is supposed to look like. There’s nothing crazy about it

What performance will the Nintendo Switch 2 console have? If you were expecting a top device at the time, you will be very disappointed.

It was practically certain that Nintendo Switch 2 would not be an exceptionally efficient console. The Japanese have never focused on the computing power of their devices. The biggest advantage of Nintendo devices has always been games and this will not change with the new generation. Despite this, the Switch 2’s performance may be a bit disappointing.

Nintendo Switch 2 performance

Information about the likely performance of Nintendo Switch 2 was provided by Moore’s Law is Dead, which you should already know very well because it is the source of many rumors. According to his news, the console in docked mode will offer computing power that can be compared to PlayStation 4 Prowhich is an 8-year-old device (PS4 Pro debuted in November 2016).

What about portable mode? In this case, Nintendo Switch 2 will be comparable to Steam Deck. Moore’s Law is Dead claims that the graphics chip will be approximately 20-30 percent faster. faster than the Valve console, but the processor will perform slightly worse in games.

If Steam Deck can display 40 fps at 720p resolution on low settings, then I think (ed. in the case of Nintendo Switch 2) it will be 720p with high settings and light ray tracing at 30 frames per second.

– Moore’s Law is Dead revealed.

Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2025 at a price of approximately $399-499.

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